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August wrap

Posted by sunny sen on 2012-08-28 at 12:00 AM

Started off really slow in August due to a shit ton of stuff that needed to get done, but fortunately have almost the whole of the last third of August off from work (stupid HR policy of vacations being reset to 80 hours on August 31st, which creates a mad rush to get vacations accounted for in August). Been playing 10-12 hour sessions since Wednesday night, which is probably going to continue till this weekend.

Anyway, hands at 50,100,200 HU (all NL, up about 8.8k)


Unfortunately on backers request, results for 2/4,3/6 are not to be posted in public domains anymore. But had a +14bi day at 2/4 immediately followed by a -10bi day. Up substantially at 2/4 HU (PLO and NL) primarily by bumhunting ipoker and entraction. Ended up playing less than 1k hands at 3/6 as 2/4 action was really good on the euro sites this month. The stake is almost done as i have

I was planning on playing some of the Indian sites but then got spooked with all the chatter about faulty RNGs etc, and frankly didnt get enough time to sort money transfers as well, what with the month being hellishly busy. So probably giving the Indian sites a miss as of now.

Played a couple of live sessions in a home game and ended up playing this pot. Game is 9 handed 10/10 USD PLO/NL ROE 250bb+ deep. Most people playing FR PLO like its a NL+2-card game, potting weak 2 pairs, bad draws, overplaying AA-junk-junk multi-way etc etc. Anyway I am completely card dead in PLO and then this hand comes up in NL:

UTG (typical live fish but with big dollar, very funny guy, iranian dentist whose practise is worth close to a few millys atleast and our host, VPIP close to 90): 6kish -limps

MP : limps
HERO(MP+1): 2.4kish limps 8s9h
BTN/CO (i forget which, supposedly competent live cash player): 3-4kish limps
SB: calls
BB : calls

Both blinds are very very loose and the entire table is super sticky pre-flop and atleast till the flop.

Flop (60): 6d7dAh
Checks through

Turn: 5s
UTG bets 155, Hero calls 155. BTN makes it 700, UTG all in for 6k, Hero all in for 2.4kish, BTN all in for 3-4kish

River Qs

UTG: black AA
BTN: 3d4d

Being a friendly game (and more importantly if you refuse you’d probably not get an invite to the game next time around) we did run the river thrice but i managed to dodge a million outs X3.

gl at the tables

edit: F live poker, after playing FR live poker at 20(?)h/hr for two days I was on suicide watch

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sunny sen

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