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Auto Pilot Engaged, Fuel (money) Burn Activated.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-08-06 at 12:00 AM

MTT grinders will know what I am trying to say in the above title. From the past few weeks, I have experienced the highs and lows of MTT poker. The highs were during early July when I was having one final table finish per week. Then came the lows. The PGT July edition went terrible for me. Didn’t play bad but couldn’t even last the 1st break in all the 3 tournaments. Left me really disappointed, as I was eager to put my new found learning’s to the test in the live arena. On Sunday, I was not going to play the high roller. I stayed back in the hotel, blogged on the tournament hands and started up a session online. Couple of early bust outs and I started to just play the tournaments on autopilot i.e. without putting much thoughts into my action and just kept registering as I kept busting. Fortunately Prabhat came into the room and said they were setting up a Sunday grind session with Varma and Sushant also there. I finished my last tournament and went to sweat them.

Many MTT players must have experienced this tilt where we don’t care and just keep busting and registering. After this experience, I decided a control on this is important. I had a session then mid-week. 3 tournaments down and I was already feeling low. I then immediately un-registered myself from other tournaments and stopped the session there itself. Took a no-poker break for next 3 days.

Saturday we had an evening session with Adi on post-flop scenarios. Sunday I felt ready. Didn’t do that great. Had a cashing finish in bigger 5.5 where I got an ugly beat for a huge pot. But I played well. Kept repeating the words “no mistakes” in my mind all throughout. Lol. It helps. Try it out.

Also though it matters from person to person, don’t feel compelled to put in that 10/20 tournament session once you have started one. If you are not feeling good, un-register immediately and save yourself the money and the pain. For players playing live cash, it is difficult to get up from a short session, but online it is easy. Just click un-register and watch a movie or something.

Do comment and let me know on your own tilt control techniques below.

Till next week then..


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Vinay Suchede

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