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Posted by Raman Gujral on 2011-12-01 at 12:00 AM

The APPT Macau experience was a positive one for me. Five tournaments and no cashes doesn’t sound very positive, but the learning on this trip was immense. I can recall at least one big mistake I made in each tournament and that is what counts towards getting better. There was a time when i had recently moved to Goa and i was getting burnt playing cash games overly aggressively in the tournament style that i was used to (playing SNG online). This time it was the other way around. Having played cash games for almost two years now, I found myself over valuing my tournament life at times.
Adi has been a great help. His tournament fundamentals are clearer than anyone I know. Discussing poker tournament strategy with him makes me want to go back to playing tournaments. And with so much politics entering the cash game scene in India, travelling the circuit while working on my tournament game doesn’t seem like a bad idea.
Samoh was our hero for the tour…so proud of the way he played in the main event. Top set cracked on final table bubble – how brutal can it get? – yet the guy was all smiles all day! He is on a heater right now … and with him riding high on confidence, i’d expect his run to continue.
I am in Chandigarh now to attend a wedding. Will be heading to Goa before PokerGuru Tour begins. Hope to see you all there.


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Raman Gujral

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