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Back home, PGT and Sunday Grind

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-07-31 at 12:00 AM

So its been a lazy week at home in Kolkata after a draining journey back from Vegas, my flight back was one of the most ridiculous connections I have taken, with everyone leaving Vegas right after busting the Main, I decided to leave early as well and got the following flight- Vegas to LA 1hr, 6 hrs lay over in LA, 15 hrs LA to Dubai, 6 hrs layover in Dubai and finally 5 hrs to Kolkata, Emirates was overall pretty comfortable but I was dead tired when I finally reached home. Now I am getting ready to go to Goa next mnth for the PokerGuru Tour, I probably be there mnth end to play the Aces series as well, till then I plan to be at home and grinding online whenever I am not lazy.

PokerGuru Tour is shaping up to be the biggest live tournament series in India, I am not yet sure what kind of numbers we will get, but we should definitely crush the guarantees and could possibly get record fields. There are some big announcements and surprises which we will be announcing in the coming week as well, so keep following PokerGuru to find out what more PGT has to offer to the players. PokerStars has freerolls everyday as well as paid satellites (with freerolls to these satellites), you can find them under the Tournament/Regional on the PokerStars client, so you can win a seat from home for FREE!!

Today I am planning on playing online, the Sunday grind will probably start around 8:30 pm for me (you can find me on PokerStars playing under the id intervntion).

Here is the line up:

High Buyins:
215 Sunday Warm up
109 Rebuy
109 FO
109 2x chance
215 Sunday Million
530 Sunday 500 (got 15th in it last sunday =/)
162 fo
109 2Rebuy 1 Addon Turbo
215 Sunday 2nd chance
109 turbo
215 Sunday supersonic

Medium Buyins:
27 turbo
82 hyper turbo
82 hyper turbo (not a typo there are 2 of them)
27 turbo
54 turbo
55 2x turbo
44 turbo
55 red spade open (1 mill gtd!!)

Rest of the medium schedule will depend on how many tables I hv up later in the day, but these above ones I am definitely plan on playing.

Will probably do a summary report on how the Sunday goes and will try and post interesting hands form tonight on the forum for discussion as well. Gl to all at the tables tonight.

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Aditya Agarwal

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