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Back in Goa for PGT

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-12-06 at 12:00 AM

After Macau Pulkit, Samohhh and I ended up staying back in Delhi for few days to attend KC’s sister’s wedding. KC was able to arrange a game for us on all 3 days with some players, who play regularly in Delhi along with some who were just learning the game. We played 100-200 (20k buyin) but the game played much bigger than a standard 100-200 and was more like 200-500 with 1 lac deep stacks. I ran pretty hot and managed to win all 3 days, with some swings (was stuck quite a bit on 2 days before recovering). After Delhi, we came to Goa and decided to play some IPC events, the gtds were pretty high with some overlays, along with good structure (they finally added antes!) and a 30k 2 day main event. Main event was fun I was determined to go deep and played well for most part but lost a flip with 3 tables left =/, Samohhh continued his hot run and got 4th in it for 2.5 Lakhs and Pulkit managed a 3rd for 3.2 Lakhs. Sameer who has had amazing results this year was the eventual champion (def deserving after runner up finish in APT) and Amit Jain who is one of the most improved players with amazing results this yr. got 2nd. This was good preparation for PGT which starts this Thursday, really pumped up for the 50k high roller deep stack tournament, we decided to give a ₹50,000 Watch to the winner as added value. Satellites will be starting tomorrow night for High Roller and Main event at Pride, so everyone’s gets a chance to play this event for cheap if you cant afford the full buyin.

Since IPC ended I have nothing to do till PGT starts, I have been trying to play some cash at CR and Pride, I have a sidebet with another PokerGuru mentor of making 5 lacs by December 20th playing 100-200 in Goa Casino, so far I have put in one session and I am up 22,700. I got 5-1 odds which I thought made this bet +ev, I spoke to a lot of the regulars who have tons of experience playing 100-200 in Goa and got conflicting views, lot of them thought it was impossible and some felt it could be easily done. I am not sure how this one will go, but one way or the other its def +ev bet for me, since I will atleast make the effort to go play instead of being lazy and even if I don’t win the bet and end up playing 30-40 hrs which I wudnt hv played without the bet, I still shud make more playing than I loose in the bet (hopefully).

It didnt turn out so good yesterday, I went to pride to play some 100-200, however there was only one dead table running so I played the 200-500 (since I was already there), it was short handed game and looked pretty fishy. Very first hand I open TJo to 2k and get flatted by Varun Vimal on the btn, rest fold, flop is 9h 9c 6d I leed 3k Varun calls, Turn is Qd I bet 7k he calls, River is 8c and I bet 22k and he calls with 49dd. After that I doubled up Amanth who just got here from New Zealand and is staying with us, dont think I played this hand too well but here is the action I open 2k Hijack, Amanth flats Btn and fish in bb calls. Flop is As Ad 4s, bb checks I bet 3k, Amanth makes it 11k real fast, bb folds and I flat. Turn is 3s, I leed 12k with my 9Tss, Amanth shoves for 35k or so, cant really fold here so I called and he shows me A3cc to dbl up. Another big pot which I lost was to Saurabh from Bangalore who is kinda reg in the higher buyins games. I opened AQcc to 3500 (now we were playing 200-500-1k) on CO, Amanth flats btn, Saurabh 3 bets to 10,500 from bb, both of us call. Flop is Ad 5d 6c Saurabh bets 30k, I call Amanth folds. Turn is 8h and Saurabh shoves 42k more which I instantly call and loose to his AK (learnt a few things from this hand). At one point I was stuck 1.5 but ended up loosing only 90k, didnt really win too many big pots and definitely made mistakes in the big pots I lost, going to try and play a lot more this few weeks and will update how my bets are going.

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Aditya Agarwal

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