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Back in Goa

Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-03-04 at 12:00 AM

It feels so good as soon as you land in Goa.. I can just smell the poker tables at the airport.. lol.. normally people like to visit the beaches here but this is probably my 50th trip and I have only made 2-3 visits to the beaches.. I know a few other poker players who’ve never been outside of Panjim.. so I am not so bad.

Just got in yesterday and I walked in to casino carnival in the night for a small 2k buyin weekly tournament.. thought it might be gud way to prep myself for IPS and also oblige my wife who is accompanying me for this trip.. I insisted she play the 2k buy-in so she can’t crib because of me boring her by playing poker.. on her first attempt at a poker game she managed to survive pretty long and finished 11th out of 22 runners.

The starting stack was 3000.. I would say that is deepstack considering the buy-in.. I just about managed to stay average stack till the final table when I turned to a slightly more aggressive play sensing easy steal and re-steal opportunities.. the big stack started with almost 50% of chips in play.. now all I had to do was pick up small pots from the others and stay away when this guy is involved.. I was 6th in chips when I started the final table and managed to finish 2nd remaining at around 15% of total chips in play throughout the final table.. I tried to do what Racener did at WSOP.. Its not that I am not competitive or I am a nit jus looking to move up the ladder.. but when the stack sizes are so much far apart there is only so much you can do.. when the final table started I had decided i’ll be happy if I finish 2nd or 3rd and got the better outcome.. overall I got a good prep for IPS events and its always good to run deep in any tournament irrespective of the buy-in’s.

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Kunal Chandra

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