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Back on the grind, decent Sunday

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-11-12 at 12:00 AM

Now with ftp coming back and I finally having some money in my account (my backers don’t hv access to their stars/tilt, since they live in the US and have not been able to send me money regularly), I was able to play an almost full Sunday schedule.Played all the early stuff and skipped some of the later ones.

The day started off well with a win a small 33 6max turbo on stars.This really got me pumped and I registered for more than 30 tournaments for the day (lot of them were turbos and hyper turbos, at my peak I was 14 tabling but for most of the session it was around 8 tables). I ended up having a lot of deep runs and was almost a huge day, most notable runs on stars were 18th in 100r, 80th in Sunday milly and 19th in hot 55. In all of these I lost pretty big pots to bust and could have been much bigger scores. Fulltilt was a bit better and I got 2nd in 109 12.5k gtd for 11k, first was 18k and my opponent was really weak straightforward, I was happy getting HU with him considering it was a solid final table. I just couldn’t get much going headsup though and ended up getting owned by him =/ over 30 hands when I never picked up a hand and get kept getting chipped down. I was having a pretty good run in the double deuce but lost CL pot AK vs AJ with 60ish left, was a really super soft field with 20k on top so that was kinda sucky, since I cud hv run over that field if I won tht pot.

Overall I obv ran pretty good to get these runs so really cant complain and was a winning Sunday. I played super aggressive throughout the session and they were cpl bustouts which I am not sure about, neither of them were really bad but were pretty marginal. In 100r I had 50bbs and was one of the bigger stacks with 18 left when I got into raising battle in btn vs sb confrontation and got it in with AJcc vs his KK. We had some history and he seemed like a decent regular, I didnt hv a super solid read but felt fairly confident at that time he would tool out 50bbs eff in this spot and I would be able to 3b to 5b rip on him considering our past history and perfect stacks, seemed kinda spewy after he showed up with KK, so still not sure since the structure is pretty good and I was top 5 at the time. Similarly in milly with 80 left I had around 900k at 15-30k when I 4b shoved 66, just seemed like a perfect spot for villain to 3b who was from sweden and is a highstake mtt player (had seen him in bigger buyins before and was just 2 tabling milly and Sunday 500 at the time), he snapped with TT and that was it, again seemed like a wasted opportunity this deep so not sure how I feel about these two bustouts.

These runs have gotten me super pumped, I am still not sure how much I will be playing during the week but definitely will be putting in volume every Sunday. Was pretty nostalgic earlier in the session when I was going over ftp schedule and registering for tournaments, seeing all those old ftp tournaments brought back old memories. I wasn’t able to play a full session and missed cpl of the later ones since I was too tired, maybe next week I will play everything.

All the PGMP sessions are keeping me sharp, with the first batch we have been going over my old hand histories and while the 2nd batch is making decent progress with pre flop mtt scenarios. I hope to be done with pre-flop strategy with them by mnth end and move on to post flop and end game in December and then finally going over hh’s in Jan. I have really been enjoying all the coaching sessions and it does a lot for my game as well.

Make sure you guys checks out the forum section to check out our strategy discussion section, lot of interesting threads and discussion, come join in.
See you guys there!

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Aditya Agarwal

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