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Back on track!

Posted by Akshat Sharma on 2012-11-21 at 12:00 AM


So i finally got PS reloaded and back on the grind (thanks DV). Put in some volumes yesterday. Played about 6 tournies. Was pretty aggressive which became spewy at times. Ran deep in one. Was 3 betting pretty light, stealing a lot and felt that i was doing pretty well. Also it seemed like i was on the better side of variance (n luck!) and did survive in one particular hand where i opened from BTN with 3 8o. It was quite a passive table and people were peeling a lot. Flop came 2 8 9. BB lead out, i 3 bet jammed and he snapped and flipped over JJ. Fortunately river came 3. BOOM! Back in it! Maintained top 20 stack till abt 31 players left when this particular hand happened that i have been kicking myself for since. Opened QTss from BTN. BB who was a good aggro player min raised. And tht is when things went wrong. I soo wanted to 4B but then i dunnno how i convinced myself to flat considering i was IP (Need to get kicked for this!). Flop came 2 3s 8s. BB open ja, mmed. And i tank……..Called! Fuckin hell. He had A3o. And yes turn and river was absolute blank. Pretty gutted not cuz of how deep i was but cuz i knew right play was to 4b or fold. Anyway things look goood! Gonna put in good volumes now and will certainly see results.

Till next time,

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Akshat Sharma

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