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Back to some Poker

Posted by Nehal Kapadi on 2012-07-07 at 12:00 AM

Finally ,started playing my regular games, the turbo 45mns and 18 mns. In the initial phase of my session, I was running sick, AK, AQ, AA, KK. I said to myself ” Imma gonna be a rich nigga”,well, i think I jinxed it by saying that. Needless to say, my bad run was back 🙂
Apart from my regular games, I played few large field mtts. The PGMP has surely changed my game in a positive way. I ran deep in a 1$ ,2500 players tourney. Busted in 120th place,really thought i could take it down. Players at this level are very funny and will do surprising stuff. Eg ,a fish calling a raise with 8bb stack and check folding on the flop lol.
Now, I just have to decide to stick with turbos or switch to regular mttsngs.

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Nehal Kapadi

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