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#Backtobasics – Getting Started- Thought Process

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2016-08-21 at 12:00 AM

Hey Folks,

Its been a while since I blogged and have been thinking about starting a blog series which can help a lot of beginners. So, back to basics is a series which will focus on helping the up an coming players with the nuances of poker.

My biggest question when I started this game and saw many great players play was, whats going on in their head and how exactly are they thinking in a particular situation.
Poker as a game has too many variables and its pretty much to impossible to know what is the correct thing to do in a given situation unless you think about it in the correct way.

For example, in the 2 hands I have posted in a facebook group for feedback there were many different answers, thought processes and solutions to the given situation. If u closely watch the comments you will notice that many good players had different opinions.

Is it because one player is better than the other? No. Its about weightage. How much weightage would you give to a particular information to come to a conclusion.

In a particular hand (100-200) when I had QQ pre flop 35bb effective (70bb stack but was a straddled pot), an extremely tight player opens pre to 2100 for the first time (he has been limp calling/folding his entire range irrespective of position for the 50 dd hands I have played with him/her). My question was would I go with this hand irrespective coz ” we have queens yo” or just fold.

How I thought about it : Extremely tight passive. I would expect this player to have pretty much ZERO bluffs in his range. He is definitely getting it in irrespective.
When you talk about tight players, one thing which I have noticed in my experience is that people consider AK, AQ to be drawing hands and are scared to go even HU with those hands. The primary reason is because they dont know what to do if they miss the flop. So they tend to open larger than usual with those hands.
With this in mind I do not think we are in great shape against against his range (Flipping at best) and decide to fold coz we will get much better spots with far more equity in the future and we dont need to take this high variance spot now.

In this situation I gave a lot more weightage to the type of player than anything else. If you read about the hand in the forum you will see the different possible outcomes people came up with.

Always remember that no one is wrong. Its all about how much weightage you give to a particular information you have.

Thats all for this one.

Good luck at the tables.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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