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Bad run in home games in kol….

Posted by ADITYA AGARWAL on 2011-04-22 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys …..
i m blogging after couple of weeks since i introduced myself…..i have not been playing much online because of some work and stuff so i would like to share bad run in the home games last week……
we were playing 8 handed 5k buyin game with blinds 50/100 …..i was pretty card dead and was playin little tight but stilll i managed to bleed somehow and my stack size ws abt 3k whn i picked up big slick under the gun….i limped and person after me bet 600 and 3 people called and on my turn i went allin being sure that nobody was better against my suited AK though there was chances of a coin flip situation…..and the player aftr me went all in with rest of them folding….that person had pocket tens and the board came 9 6 2 4 4 and i lost yet another coin flip situation…..but best thing was i didnt feel bad about it after losing so many coin flips online….then i rebuy with 5k and in my big blind i get pocket aces and aftr raise re raise nd all in, the situation is that 3 of us r all in with KQ vs AA vs A10 and board came k k 10 7 k and i lose on aces to KQ ……then i rebuy for 10k and i was playing decently until i got a cooler when i flopped a set of 5s against someones set of 9s and of course i was stacked 🙁 …..i decided to rebuy for last 10k and on my dealer button i got big slick yet again……some fish made it to 2400 aftr straddle and re straddle and 2 players called and knowing that table was full of lose players i went all in with 10k with one player callin me with KQ against my AK……….i was happy to imagine myself tripling up until the board came k 10 7 Q 2……i lost with KQ being my nemesis hand….i stopped playing :O
i would share some more experiences in my next blog…till then take care and keep bluffing 😉

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