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Bankroll marathon

Posted by Rajnish Kumar on 2012-06-26 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys,
i’ve been missing out on blogging for sometime now, and have been keeping busy with a new environment in Goa. Yes i have shifted base, and with that have decided to play poker with more discipline and aggression as ever. So i have this resolution that i have come up with, a new goal which is to start my poker month with an initial bankroll of $400 and then grind my way to cross $2k just by playing $10 buyin SnG DoNs.
What i’ll be doing with it is, i’ll be blogging about it every Sunday on PokerGuru forum and about my progress with some graphs and hand histories so i could find out if my game play was correct or not and all you guys will be able to sharkscope my progress too.
And yes if any one of you is up for some healthy competition, you can definitely jump on this boat and ride with me to build some bankroll. After every one month, i’ll come up with a new challenge and a new goal. Till then happy grinfing everybody.

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Rajnish Kumar

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