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Behind the Scenes – Being a PokerGuru Pro…

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-07-29 at 12:00 AM

Aite, so everyone wants to know what the deal behind being a PokerGuru Pro is.. Whats the deal you have with PokerGuru, what do we get , what do they get etc etc.. So in this week’s blog I am gonna talk about the entire deal (not numbers) but how it works and what makes us proud of being a part of this team..

For starters, like any deal, there is a financial aspect to this. We are staked to play tournaments (only tournaments) both online and Live (International as well) and we share a part of the winnings with PokerGuru. I cant get into the numbers , but i would say its a pretty good deal.

Blogs:All the pros are featured bloggers at the site and we get a certain amount of money for the blogs we write.

The coaching: If you are following our team on Twitter or facebook you would often notice someone winning something most days. This dint happen overnight. It took, hours and hours of volume , hand history reviews, feedback sessions etc to start winning tourneys and do it consistently.
On an average a decent MTT coach would charge you anywhere between 100-150 USD for an hour’s coaching session. Intervention wouldn’t do it for less than 200 USD given his stats and knowledge of the game. As PokerGuru pros we get to spend a lot of time with Intervention , who is the team mentor. So we get personlised training sessions with him for at-least 7 hrs a week or may be more.

In the training session, we are coached about the different strategies you can apply based on your stack sizes, ranges, online tells, specific plays, board textures and we also discuss about key hands . Intervention also goes through our Hand History from a particular tournament we have run deep in and gives us feedback on every stage of play. Like Intervention says ” You just need to get the fundamentals right. Variance can be countered by volume”.

So i hope the above write up helped clear a lot of your doubts about PokerGuru Pros.

So here is a quick look :

The Deal: 50 -50
The blog : 10k ( I am kidding)
The Coaching : On the House
The Pride : Priceless…

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