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Being Poker Ready

Posted by Karan M on 2012-11-06 at 12:00 AM

I have been grinding micro to low stakes with decent results. I was planning to play the double vision tourneys this past Sunday and happy I was able to. I didnt play the warmups though, in fact never been a fan of warmup. Had a good run in Kickoff I and Kickoff II was typical as I lost KK<TT, heartbreaking as usual, T on river. As for Storm I doubled up first hand and tried to win the tourney in the first hour of play and did what would happen – bustout. Storm II was ok but but not have much to write about. Mill I and II, I just played so terribly. Its been a while I played Sunday mill and it showed in my prep. I went from maniac to rock to passive fish to ultra passive and then busted out.

I would elaborate on the reason for the title. I am usually well prepared for my sessions and make sure I have all that I need. Seclusion, iphone charged, food, bottle of water and last but not the least internet. My datacard had run out on data and the last week my home internet was doing pretty well. In fact we got the speed upgraded as well so no worries. I had been thinking of getting the datacard recharged but just been lazy and neglected it. For which I had to pay a bigger price on Sunday night. So Kickoff I, we are close to the money and my internet starts to act up. I was around 70/240 (234 cash). For the next hour or more so I was running around the house like a headless chicken restarting my modem umpteen times toggling between my desktop in one room to my laptop in another. At one point, I do get it up I am in BB with KQ with 62K and btn shoved for 27K. Not sure if I was supposed to be elated or cursing at my luck, I ended up calling his A6 which held up. Now is the interesting part, internet is off again. Just brutal. After some struggle with my internet, its back for good and I still have 30K left for around 130/170 something. Play a couple of hands and then UTG+1 shoves for 27k, I wake up with JJ and shove. villain had 55, flop comes K53, end of the story.

It took me half an hour to get out of this turmoil on how I eff’d up so bad with the internet. And with the Sunday mills and storms in pipeline I had to regroup. But still had the aftereffects of what might have been if my mind was just stable and I was relaxed in that kickoff game.

I guess most of us know these facts about being absolutely prepared prior to a session. I just wanted to reiterate this fact so someone else doesnt slip up as I did. I have learnt my lesson.

As for micro MTTs, I have been doing decent at 2.50 180 mans and due for a score at one of the low MTTs. I will keep battling it out until then good luck all.

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Karan M

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