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Being Regular

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2013-01-23 at 12:00 AM

Hi Guys

It’s been some time since I blogged, obviously, you won’t be interested into why?
But, anyways, I’ll tell you 😀
I have been playing a bit less Poker these days.
I load up 2-3 big everyday, been more than a week since I made a deep run in any of them.

I had initially tried to increase my volume drastically, but I failed badly, did not feel comfortable and most people were running over me.

HH review sessions:
These have been of great help to me, and I started playing a couple of Turbo tourneys after Antilog’s Review session.

TCOOP-1 $27: Was doing real great with ups and downs and then my KK lost to QQ with 1800 people left, would have jumped to under 250 with that hand :/

$15 – 180
So, I loaded this turbo, my best finish in 180s till now has been 4th in $2.5
This was the first time I loaded $15 x 180 : After the bubble burst, me and Anti were on the same table

Right Click on his avatar, find this player, he’s on the final table of another 180s

Soon, he min raised, I had AK, so had to 3-bet him, he shoved with AQ and I did feel sad to take away most of his chips, I was hoping we too would battle it in Heads up, but he had better plans. After I won this one, a couple of hours later, I see Antilog literally killing the final table of another $15×180 and taking it with ease.
Great going bro, he was also on FT of todays’s HOT 3.3 !

Everyone has been doing good, Prabhat recently had a really good score, Gurpal finished good, and PB shipped it. PGMP doing good for all of us, and I feel guilty of not continuing with a simple promise of writing blogs.

So, here’s hoping that even if I don’t play much Poker, I do post more blogs.

Now, I need to rush through Corp Fin exam tomorrow, so please excuse me 🙂


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Dharamveer Singh

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