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Being Stupidly foolish

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2012-11-20 at 12:00 AM

As the title says, there are times when you are stupid, or rather just act in a way which implies you are that.

Today early morning I registered late for Hot 5.5, the same Tourney Antilog Shipped yesterday, I always hated turbos cause of 3 reasons (as consultants would say)

[*]I never did good in any of them.
[*]I personally believed there’s more luck in Turbos then in slow tourneys.
[*]I never got any money from any of them

Reason 1 and 3 are interlinked if you haven’t noticed, but hey consultants are paid to show that they work and make you feel that you are paying for getting information that is actually very critical which in reality is already available.

So, anyways after running [B]Hot as Hritik[/B],
NO NO! The real Deal man, No Fakes!!, I mean I won all the flips, I hardly got it in front and yet won a lot 😛
I survived the bubble, a couple of close encounters and even took CL with 4 tables left, I was CL with 2 tables, 3/16 when the break happened around 9:30 AM.

Just 2nd hand after that, I was dealt KJss,
the most beautiful two cards in poker, I was [B]40% through to Royal Flush![/B], So, I decided to be smart, I min raised to induce an all-in from button (after all, I had 40% Royal Flush). I got just that, I snap Called, this was going to be massive CL, he was the 4th in Chips and would take me to almost 43BB with 2nd around 32BB at that time, had I just completed my Royal flush. He turned over A2, the plan had worked, the only problem was I had overplayed KJss yet again, Pokerstove showed I was behind in the flip and so did the board after it flopped a J, along with 2 aces by river.

Don’t want to be result oriented, but just thinking back I thought[I] what hands could he shove me with?[/I]

I gave him a generous range of Any Ace, Any Broadway, Any Pair, 78ss+, K9o+. My KJss was a close [I]underdog with 48:52, [/I]
I wanted to gamble and I got just that. Though the table was playing pretty loose, almost 90% of min raise got shoves, so people were shoving wide in my opinion even wider than my assigned range. A shove would have saved me my deep run and possibly at least a final Table, would have been great to ship the same tourney PGMP batchmate shipped 24 hours before.

It doesn’t bother me much though to loose a flip, or thinking a devious plan, what does bother is just in the last session we had discussed about inducing from top of our range, and that range did not have KJss. Maybe during that time at that table KJss was monster but the thing is [I]I did not even remember thinking about our session and this hurts.[/I]

I have been taking out time to compile notes, making them beautiful:)

Should be done in next 24 hours hopefully!! Also, I have put a personal ban on myself until I complete notes, so I am pretty sure they’ll be completed very quickly now 😛

And as they say don’t go after the sexy things, they hurt, according to a recent survey by AC Nielsen KJ is now officially the highest used card for bust outs globally 😀 😛

Cheers then, also tried Hyper-turbo SNGs for testing Short stack play, if you guys have any idea if that’s any good way to learn and practice, let me know. Already lost 3 in a row 😀

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Dharamveer Singh

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