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Blog 1 – Introduction & 2011 International Tourney Calendar

Posted by Gaurav Law on 2011-03-31 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys – this is my 1st time blogging here (& in fact pretty much anywhere) so I’m gonna give you a quick intro. My name is Gaurav Law – I’m almost 29, married for the last 5 & currently based in-between Hong Kong & Shenzhen. I’m originally from Pune, India but have stayed outside India for the last 10 years basically running our business.
I started playing poker a little less than 2 years ago on a trip to Vegas (did not end well as you can imagine) & then spent most of 2009 primarily playing small to mid-stakes live NLHE & PLO cash games in China, Hong Kong & Macau. Was also around the same time I opened a Stars & Full Tilt account & started poking around online SNGs etc – but the live cash action in home games in China & also some nights in Macau was & in some cases still is sooo juicy that I really didn’t bother with trying to evolve my game by playing volume online or reading much etc cos I was having too much fun just splashing around.
2010 – was a breakthrough year for me pokerwise – I had set certain bankroll goals which I wanted to achieve & started spending a lot of time reading & studying the game while gradually moving up in stakes. It really paid off results wise & I had a great year booking some significant scores at home games & casinos all over the world – including India.
Forward to 2011 & I had made up my mind to shift my focus to tournaments – both online MTTs & live Tour events. I stopped playing so many home games & now grind anywhere between 36-42 hours a week playing & studying online MTTs. I got my 1st major tournament cash this year in Feb at a Red Dragon Bounty side-event in Macau – it wasn’t a significant amount or anything just felt great to get the monkey off my back (& get the bounties of 2 Team Pokerstars Pros in 1 hand I might add). My results in online MTTs & SNGs have also gotten a lot more consistent over the past few months & a month ago I won a Stars satellite package to EPT Snowfest in Austria. I’m just back from that event & WPT Vienna (where I managed by 2nd major live cash) & will give more details & pictures on those 2 events in my next blog.
My goal for this year is to get enough volume online & also play the following live events – either through online satellites or skilful coordination with business trips :)–
June – LAPT Argentina
June/July – WSOP Las Vegas
Sept/Oct – EPT London, WSOPE Cannes
Jan 2012 – PCA Bahamas, Aussie Millions
Will also a play a couple of events in Goa when I’m down plus all the Macau, Manila – APPT & APT events
Through it all I hope I can give you guys back home a closer & fun look into some of these international events & also discuss how we can get more homegrown Indian players to these events.
1 thing about tourneys though is that they definitely do take up much more time with all the hours & travel involved & I’ve had to really cut back on my responsibilities at work – mostly “delegating” most of them to my brilliant & thoroughly supportive partner who also happens to be my wife! She is of the opinion that if I’m not sleeping, eating or checking emails once in a while pretending to “work” – then I’m playing, watching or thinking about poker – luckily I KNOW most of you reading this are pretty much in the same degen boat too:)
Till next time…run good – on & off the felt!

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Gaurav Law

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