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Blog 2 – World Cup of Poker?

Posted by Gaurav Law on 2011-04-05 at 12:00 AM

OK first off – I wanna give each & every one of us Indians a genuine HELL YEA! I was fortunate enough to catch the semis & the finals in Dubai – one of the few places in the world where you can actually watch a game with Indians & Pakis in the same bar chugging beer & screaming into each others faces during the game & still end with a “friendly” hug in the end. During the street parade which took place after the final – I could just feel just how much this victory means to an entire generation of us – it stands for much more than just cricket & I really do hope that this is just the beginning of our country achieving bigger & better things on the world stage.

Getting back to business…the whole World Cup thing got me thinking…”wouldn’t it be cool if I could represent my country at something??”…& then realizing that the only skill set I seem to posses these days involves a deck of cards I started researching for the “World Cup of Poker”!

Funnily enough I found not 1 but 2 supposed world cups of Poker – where players play as part of teams & represent their countries – below is a summary of each –
1. Pokerstars World Cup of Poker – WCP at the PCA – Pacific Caribbean Adventure – this has been happening since 7 years – 4 players per team – $100,000 for the winners – you can check out the following link for more info – [url]http://www.pokerstars.com/wcp/[/url] – also read the FAQ.
Stars runs satellites for this event too for packages etc.
2. World Team Poker Championship – this year on May 24-26th in Vegas – this is an independent event run by World Team Poker – Team China won it last year for $300,000 captained by Johnny Chan & though the website doesn’t reveal much details about prize money structure, entrance fees etc its interesting that they have a tab for Team India in the teams section but no name in it. Link – [url]http://www.worldteampoker.com/[/url]

Now personally I would be very interested in creating our first Team India & trying out for any of these events but I believe it’s going to need a lot of coordination within the poker community in India – there’s probably should be a lot of discussion on team selection, sponsored buyins etc etc & I’m very interested to hear what some of the forerunners in the Indian poker community – Aditya, Rajesh & the organizers of the various leagues – IPC, IPS, Aces think about this & maybe get together to arrange a national all-India tournament in which the final 4 make Team India & the prize money goes towards buyin & travel for the team to these events.

While I have no illusions about people back home praying to 1 of our many Gods if & when Team India does make it to the World Cup “final table”, infact some might downright scorn on our community, I for 1 would be super-kicked to see someone in a Sahara Team India jersey on the TV final table & going all-in ghuma ke – Dhoni style 😉

Cheers & Jai Hind.! Good luck to everyone going for the IPC.

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Gaurav Law

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