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Blog 3 – Macau Millions & Table Image(sigh)

Posted by Gaurav Law on 2011-04-10 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys,

Just got back from the Macau Millions & just few things that I felt like sharing.

It’s a pretty unique tournament structure wherein they have 7 Day 1’s – yes 7 – & for each Day 1 they play down to top 7% of the entries of each day who move onto Day 2 & each player left gets HKD 8000 on his HKD 2200 buyin. Interesting thing is however that even if you qualify on your 1st attempt on Day 1a for example – you can still play again on Day 1b or whenever & try for another min cash of HKD 8000 & the bigger of your final stacks will be used for Day 2. By doing this they make a bigger prize pool & so by the end of it they got 1329 entries for a total prize pool of more than HKD 2.6 million which they claim made it the largest ever tournament in Asia based on number of entries. First place would get HKD 400,000 & getting to the final table guaranteed HKD 50,000.

I got there for Day 1e & while it’s a pretty turbo structure – 25 minute levels starting with 10,000 chips I managed to make it to the final 17 who got through to Day 2 & got paid the min-cash. Another Indian bro – Aman Dhamija who was here with a Apurva & a couple of cash players from Delhi – also made it & was chip leader on our day with more than 300,000 chips & looking good to go deep – I had about 97,000 which was around average & decent enough.
Note – I did get greedy & try to play the rush with a late re-entry again on Day 1f but busted 60th. Also I read online that Aman who made it to Day 3 today in the last 4 tables – couldn’t make it to the tables at all & his stack was blinded off till he finished in 20th place. Lol..I believe this was due to a long cash session he had at the Wynn the night before – anyways well done to him & I wish them luck for the rest of their trip.

The only hand I really want to tell you guys about is as below –

Macau Millions 71 left 10k guaranteed & next pay-jump at 54 players – 12K

History – SB is a Korean/American girl from New York, London & we’ve been chatty – talkin bout tourneys & how she’s learnt live tourneys in London & become good the last 2 years blah blah- she was pretty cute & chirpy using her feminine skills to bully the boys a lil & not really shy about it. Usually I’m not much of a talker on poker tables especially with 9 Chinese dudes on it but recently I had read an article on 2+2 where they were suggesting its advantageous to be “friendly” on a table becos people actually go easier on you in marginal situations & let you get away with stuff. Hence I had actually made an effort to get involved in table talk when I wasn’t in the hand & especially with this chick as she was in the next seat.
Note – previous hand she was BB & posted 1000 less & I caught her after the hand but the dealer did not so she requested me (with a smile ofcourse) not to make an issue & I didn’t – cos the pot went to some random dude. I told her its cool but on the condition that if I was short she better give me a walk in the BB. She was like “ofcourse!” with a wink…

Anyways [U]VERY[/U] next hand –
Blinds 2500-5000
Folds to SB villain aka ‘the bi*#h’ had t170000 – she limps in saying that it’s only for the antes.
I’m in BB with t110000 – & look down at 99 – I’m considering my move & she starts yapping – like don’t do it , don’t go crazy, u know what happens in blind wars etc etc..
Anyways I raise to 25k & she insta shoves with an even longer speech sayin “I told you so! Don’t do it I warned you blah blah..” This goes on for 2 minutes – the only reason I haven’t snap called by now is cos she’s talking SOOOO much that I’m really startin to wonder if she has a monster???
Eventually I make the call & she sheepishly turn over J7off.
Needless to say – I’m pretty happy with the situation until the river (its always the goddamn river) shows up as a J & I’m out with her face lighting up more than ever.

As I walked out of the casino – & I usually don’t get phased by much in poker – but was pretty tilted this time – I wondered to myself – was my friendly table image the reason why she shoved into me with that hand at that stage? I mean it seemed unnecessary considering her stack size & stage at the time. Is friendliness on a poker table a good thing & beneficial to getting folds etc or can it be taken as weakness? If I was a stone faced rock with my shades & hoody on – would she have tried the same move?? At the end of it – it didn’t matter – just another bad beat in the endless depths of poker beats – I was happy to have got another live tourney cash atleast – just next time there’s a girl on a poker table with me – I’m definitely NOT going to be the “nice” guy.

Have a good week & congrats to all the winners of the IPC.

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Gaurav Law

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