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Posted by Subhojit Chakraborty on 2012-08-22 at 12:00 AM

Hello everyone. my name is Subhojit Chakrborty. i am following poker for over 4 years.it was after my 10+2 exams when i first came across poker.

In a lazy afternoon i was surfing through tv channels when i first saw this game being played in espn. it was wsop and the heads up game was about to start and i saw two beautiful girls bringing a HUGE amount of money to the table.

To be honest i become attracted to poker because of the money (yes i am a very greedy person and the “cool image” of a poker player is the second thing that attracted me later on)

I spent the next few weeks researching about the game and its rules. i saw some videos and also downloaded SUPER SYSTEM and read it, although i didnt understand many words but i was amused to say the least.

I am from Hooghly, which is a panchayet area and it was remote at that time and no one knew about this game. i asked all my friends about this and none of them had any idea whatsoever about poker.

i have a cousin who lives in new jersey and once a year he comes Kolkata (where his parents live). i was waiting eagerly for him to come home and when he did come i ran to their house to ask him about poker (probably the worst idea ever)

He immediately called my parents and warned them saying that i was getting into GAMBLING. my parents were really angry with me and no matter what i said to them they didnt believe that poker is not all about gambling.

Anyways that didnt kept me from learning the game. at that time i had no idea how to deposit online and how to use credit card. i decided to download a free game and started playing it.

After a few months zynga poker happened. during the first 8 to 9 months i was addicted to the game and i was also doing good there.

after i reached around 9 mill in chips i was bored of zynga and wanted to try my skills with real money.

To be frank i had no idea how i am gonna get real money to play with. and i was also kinda scared as a few people on Facebook said that its not legal in India. then in march 2009 i came to know about a site and their $50 free program.

i felt like i found a treasure and i was dreaming of playing the highest stakes, right about then i also came to know about PokerGuru and immediately i became a member. anyways i got the $50 of dafa poker right away and i immediately started playing.

I made that 50 close to 200 in 6 months and then as expected busted my bankroll playing cash games.i was really heart broken.

I thought of getting my mind of poker as my my Bsc final year exam was knocking on my door.

Exams ended at the beginning of 2011 and again i shifted my focus on poker. at that time i got to know how can i deposit online and without thinking twice i deposited $100 on PokerStars, which was most of my savings at that time.

As i am from a very my parents were really strict about me playing poker i didnt told them. but that $100 also didnt last long and i became bankrupt again.

I think there are two things thats hurting my game big time. first one is i still dont know anyone personally who plays poker. (all my poker buddies are my online friends) therefore i have never played a live hand of poker ever and i have no one to discuss my game with. And the second one is i have a very poor bankroll management. i am in process of dealing with the second one as that site has restricted my games on titan poker to $.01-$.02 nlhm cash games and $1 sng’s. right now i have received $10 from them and 4 consecutive weeks i will get $10 if i can earn small amount of rake.

I hope this improves my bankroll and by the end of the 4th week i hope i can have $100 on my titan poker a/c.

My current goal is to make this $50 into $100 and then i will withdrawal it from titan poker and deposit in PokerStars to give it one last shot.

Thats all for now i will update how my bankroll holds up and i will give updates on my bankroll status. thanks for reading 🙂

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Subhojit Chakraborty

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