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Boxing is an unnatural art.. well i say so is poker

Posted by Hardit on 2012-12-11 at 12:00 AM

Lot of frustration on blogs I see. About variance and bad runs, hmm well this is the fork in the road isn’t it?

Boxing is an unnatural act, ’cause everything in it is backwards. You wanna move to the left, you don’t step left. You push on the right toe. To move right, you use your left toe. Instead of running from the pain, like a sane person would do, you step into it. ~ Million Dollar Baby narration

Here we need to choose how to deal with this. I think lets first think about what is frustrating us. Just losing or losing continuously or is it about losing money. I think it is the latter two. Well it is more about losing continuously but I am sure if we were making money we won’t be frustrated about losing continuously so in a way it is about both.

Now I guess we can slow down we can chose to play something else OR we can lean in to the pain and do something extra. The way I look at it we need to diversify here. We need to add another stream of cash within the poker universe. This can mean playing cash, other kind of tourneys etc etc. One of my friends feels really confident playing heads-up tourneys and had a good win rate at them; it may not make him $10000 in one shot but if it can lead to small amount of regular cash i think he ll play MTTs with peace of mind even when he is continuously losing.

So am I talking coz I am not frustrated on losing or am I am running well at the moment. Well no I am not running great and I am also losing in tourneys but what I am trying to do currently is to play an Omaha cash table alongside the tourney I am playing. Even if I make enough money to cover for the buy in I don’t think I would be as frustrated as I will be by losing continuously on tourneys.

I am sure some of you will argue that we could lose more quickly, well I did lose more quickly initially, but that was coz I was playing bad (guilty). Moreover I see value in it in long term to pursue it. Both cash and tourney are different animals but they can be tamed. And in cash game probability can be found in its truest form. Theoretically in tourneys probability can be right and u still can lose for a long long time. What I mean to say is that obviously we will have to make + EV decisions in both but in cash + EV decisions will yield instant results. In tourney if a + EV decision goes otherwise towards deeper stages a lot of effort and time goes to waste. But the value of a decision in cash is same at all stages. There is no c$ t$ in cash and to lose u either need to be playing bad or need to run into black swan. Obviously we can’t do much about the blackie but as long as u don’t play bad u should be fine. And if we are play bad then we need to address more issues before getting frustrated.

So i say find your extra stream of cash time and if that not enough but it will certainly allow you to keep playing ur A game at the MTTs without much frustration.

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