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Breaking my BR….

Posted by Vinod KK on 2012-11-18 at 12:00 AM

Well finally managed to get some money into PS thanks to PGMP mates. So have a 1k BR for the upcoming few months. So finally did some basic planning on how I want to utilize this. There is a tendency when you win to move up the stakes or go down when you start losing. Also sometimes you tend to get greedy and play a higher buy-in tournament. So basically what i have done is broken my 1K roll into what tournaments I am going to play.

Here is the basic break-up as of right now

$200 is going to go into cash games. Most probably 40 sessions of $5 each. So will be tracking this separately and seeing how I am doing in these.

Buy/In – Count – Total
Big 22 – 10x 220—(already 1 buy in over)
Big 11 – 20x 220
SnG 4.5 – 20x 90
Big 2.2 – 20x 44
Big 4.4 – 20x 88
Total – 90 662

So a total of 90 tourneys and 40 cash sessions. I will be left with $138 which i might use in satellites or rebuys/turbo (which i am not comfortable with). But majority might go into MM3 which i have not scanned completely.

The idea behind this is to enforce some discipline. Sometimes you get back from work you login to PS and there is a urge to play and you end up registering for tourneys which might run longer and you just dont have the energy for it or the tourney itself is crap. Since I have my budget set against each tourney the hope is I will be more disciplined going forward.
Also for me familiarity of a tourney works in my favor. And hence i would like to play same tournies more often and get used to the players/blind structures/table dynamics at various stages of the tourney etc etc.

And most important I would know where I stand at the end of 90 tourneys. I will be making notes on each tourney on where i went wrong etc. And even if i win big or lose i am going to stick to this schedule. At the end of this I will decide on what my next set of buy-in will be and if i need to move higher. But 1k is going to be constant so if i lose all i will just reload and stick to the same schedule.

And guys I am open to suggestion on if there are any good tourneys out there or even if I need to revisit my list above.

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Vinod KK

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