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Breaks Post Lockdown & Studying With Focus

Posted by Naresh Veeravalli on 2020-10-29 at 5:30 PM

Hi everyone, I started playing poker after a 20-day break to focus on my diet, exercise, and just to get some solace from the constant grind these past few months in the lockdown.

With everything shut and lots of time at hand, I played nonstop poker for six months, was burnt out, and lost focus. So, taking breaks is very important as a poker player to regain your focus, plug some leaks by studying, and relaxing. We need to take time for ourselves to help bounce back with better energy.

Right after the break, I shipped Spartan Poker’s Millionaire for my biggest score, and it was a fun ride.

Now that lockdown has come to an end, people have started going back to a normal lifestyle, but the pandemic is still pretty much active. Hence, it’s better to stay home and go out only when necessary and use masks and gloves for your own safety and the safety of people around you.

Studying can’t be emphasized enough for poker players, whether you are a pro or a beginner. It helps you find your errors and work on them to be better and also keeps you updated with all the concepts as poker is an ever-evolving game. If you are not studying and working on your game while playing, you will never improve and fall behind others who are doing so.

Diet, exercise, and proper sleeping patterns are equally essential to improve your performance in poker.

I would urge everyone to focus on their lifestyle and make necessary adjustments to be healthy and be more energetic and focussed on what you love to do.

It’s the last two months left in the year, guys, so make it count and work on whatever you have been procrastinating and welcome the new year with hope and good health!

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Naresh Veeravalli

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