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Bricked the first :(

Posted by Danish Shaikh on 2012-05-17 at 12:00 AM

So finally after long haul i played a live tourney, yep the ongoing UPC i thought its best to enter late and do a double re-buy and a add-on rather than just flipping in the early stages and i play better with a 40bb stack, my table was pretty much soft with couple of random players who used to just limp a lot, i had cruise to over 22k and than lost a small pot to Rajesh Goyal where his kicker played and after a while some good players were moved on my table.
The bust out hand at blinds 400/800 this hand happens i have a stack of around 21 bb folded around to me in sb i have Ako i raise it 2500 Praz Correa in bb flats with (100bb stack) flop AQT rainbow i bet 3100 he calls, turns 5c i bet 7600 with just 3k behind he moves allin and i call just to see him flipping over JK for nuts and that was all for me i will be playing the 10k FO tonight hope all goes well 🙂

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Danish Shaikh

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