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Bringing back the old 2+2 spirit

Posted by Anuj Yadav on 2021-06-16 at 6:44 PM
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When I was a newbie and rising up through the poker ranks, there used to be blogs by $lim$hady19, keenyle, abhi147, BigggTymer, Danish7, Donkab0mber, etc. (sorry if I missed any names) on TwoPlusTwo. They used to embrace their inner passion and really push each other to improve and take over the world together. These blogs were heart-warming to read.

There was no censorship, and the blogs were raw and full of passion. It was open and transparent for everyone. So even something as basic as documenting your journey could really help out up-and-coming players and pushing the sport forward.

With the closing of PokerStars (dot com), the competition shifted from global to domestic sites, and this seems to have created a zero-sum mentality amongst the Indian community. People have dissolved into their separate groups (stables etc.). The loudest/most popular voices in the community now are live regs who have more passion for gossiping/socializing/chilling than working and inspiring the up & coming Indian players through their poker skills.

If we want poker to be taken seriously as a sport in India, WE NEED TO PROVE IT BY UNLEASHING OUR INNER BEASTS AND ACTING LIKE ATHLETES RATHER THAN SOCIALITES/CELEBS. Mozzie and other young guns with the fire/passion for taking poker in India to the next level need to be nurtured and given access to international study groups.

OGs like Danish7, Donkab0mber, Intervntion, SriHarsha, etc. (sorry if I missed anyone) that players can look up to need to take the initiative to become the faces of the community and put in leadership positions by the operators if they want this sport to excel.

The people in power need to be held accountable openly and transparently for their actions.

Apologies if this rant came across as negative or nonsensical. This sport is still in its early stages with a very bright future IMO. India could be the superpower of this sport rather than mediocre if we have the right mindset and push each other out of our comfort zones constantly.

Along my poker journey, I realized that some of the “celebs” of the Indian industry are cowards with a crab mentality and was on the receiving end of some fake accusations, etc. Thus, I felt no pride in representing a community that would consider these clowns as leaders. My goals became strictly financial, and I achieved those.

In the coming years, I would be focussing on learning about blockchain technology while playing poker recreationally. I still hope the purity of the sport returns and India becomes a superpower of poker.

I love all my homies out there <3. Hope everyone crushes and pushes their brothers and sisters towards becoming the best versions of themselves.

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Vivek Seetharaaman
3 months ago

Well said Brock 👍 all the best for your future endeavours 🔥🔥

Anuj Yadav

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