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Busto Main Event

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-07-12 at 12:00 AM

My day 2 table was much together than my day 1 table, they were lotta chips on the table with avg stack around 60-70k when we started and more chips came to the table when cpl shorties busted out. For the first 45 minutes I opened one pot with A4ss and checked down a 89JK8 board and lost to 77, beside tht I 3 bet once and got cold 4 bet and had to fold my air and had to fold my utg to a 3 bet from MP. I basically didnt win a pot till last hand of level when I 3 bet Q9cc and got value on a TTJ83 board to be at 80k at the end of first level 250-500 50. 300-600 level started much better and I was able to chip upto 100k before I had to fold 45cc in multiway pot on 6c 8h Jc Q board with 40k of my 100k stack in there. I still felt pretty good with my 60k stack and wasnt tilted about loosing almost half my stack when the table broke and I got moved to a much softer table. I started off aggressive on those table raising the first few hands, before I got 3 bet and then 4 bet folded to the big stack. The very next hand I get KK and open to 1500 utg, big stack flats before euro in late position makes it 5500, I make it 13k and he puts me allin for 60k, I call and he has QQ, River Q for 125k pot and to end the dream for another yr 🙁
Most people from the house busted today as well, we have to vacate the house today and those who arent going back are moving into the Rio, we have around 3 rooms and 8 people staying to play Ceasers 1k which should be huge and pretty soft. Day 1a got 750 people and day 1b should be bigger with 7 hr late reg and re entries. Its also super deepstacked with 50k starting chips at 25-50, so I am looking forward to having some fun with these many chips and relatively weaker field. Not playing anything else after this and heading back in 22nd, there are some huge announcements which will be made by PokerGuru soon, so do keep checking to be informed. Thanks again for all the support, will be so much better next yr with the entire PokerGuru team here in Vegas.

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Aditya Agarwal

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