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Busy times.

Posted by Olli Wirkkunen on 2012-05-27 at 12:00 AM

today is the last day of APT Goa, with 6-handed 15K tourney and the main event final table. The last couple of weeks have been so fully packed with poker action both online with scoop and in Goa live games we have had APT, UPC, and more. And in between of all this, I have been working on the stuff Adi ”Intervention” is teaching us in PokerGuru’s mentorship program.

So at the beginning of day 1B at the APT main event, six minutes into the game and I get into this crazy hand. I had just played against the same player where I had a low pocket pair and get re-raised and I give up my hand. Two hands later I pick up rockets from UTG+2 and I make the same raise of 125 Everybody folds to SB where I get re-popped to 400, I’m trying to keep my calm while planning how to get the most of this one. So I four-bet into him with 975, he thinks for a very short time and 5 bets me to 2975. Now at this point, I had put him on very narrow hand range.AK and QQ+. Anything else would have been a major error from his side. Anyway after enough of thinking time I six bet the rest of my stack and after some time he makes the call, I show him my black aces and he says ‘oh no’ or something and shows me his black kings. Nothing interesting on the board and he is crippled and I double up. Not a bad start for such a big tourney.

I play well throughout the day, I’m involved in a lot of hands and my stack is growing more and more. at the end of the second last level, I’m having about 53-54000 chips when I have 3 bad hands in a row and go down to 42000, and this is where day 1b of APT Goa ends..

Day 2 was not such a big success. I think I played too passively and loose on the second day, and this allowed my stack to shrink. I didn’t get more than 2 good hands which I managed to double up with both times, but it wasn’t enough.

Here’s a guide to really poor play.

I did get into this stupid last hand from UTG with KTo and a stack of about 13 BB. Blinds are 1K/2K. I hoped to look strong by making a min raise, I get 3 callers from later position and SB, BB .the flop is Kxx with 2 diamonds. And I continue misbehaving by betting the flop with 5K, get re-raised to 12K SB, BB folds, I flat this raise without really looking at my stack or thinking. I have 6BB left in my stack.. turn is a Ts which is not bad for me, so finally at this point I shove the rest of my stack and get insta called with a nut flush draw, even though my poor play and not deserving it the poker gods still gives me this last glimpse of hope by letting me have 2 pairs on turn before crushing it all on river by dealing an ugly diamond card.

Almost all my live tourneys for the past 2 months have ended at around the bubble this is really frustrating because some of them have been some pretty good value tourneys like, IPS main 13th, UPC10K 13th, APT main 10K sat 16th (13 seats) and now latest APT main 23rd..
It’s about time to go through my game and find my leaks.

In the online world I have been grinding quite hard with 6-8 tables of sngs at the same time, starting to get used to it…Only grinding micro and small stakes right now so I can build up my roll again.

As last words I want to wish Adi ” intervention” and Prabhat Mukherjee good luck on today’s final table at the APT main event, And thanks, Adi for coaching me/us in the mentorship program, just too bad we didn’t have the time to do the late-stage tournament play before APT but in October we have 😉


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Olli Wirkkunen

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