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Posted by Jeff Burnett on 2011-04-22 at 12:00 AM

Hi everyone, just had a great talk with Danish Shaikh on facebook who told me about this great site to check out! Looks like poker in India is heating up and heating up fast! This is great to see since poker needs to expand and keep expanding world wide to help keep this great game so alive! I just want to introduce myself first then hope to make some new poker connections here and on my personal professional poker website as well. I am a professional poker player who is up-and coming with a new sponsor RMS REFUND MANAGEMENT SERVICES and have talks going on with other sponsors right now. I won the world wide Victory Poker video contest and we are just waiting for Team Victory to launch there next part of the contest which will be a reality TV show. I am the CEO of Acetenbomber.com and have a growing group of poker players from all over the world that are part of my BOMBER NATION. I will be sponsoring poker players soon who will be playing as my Team Bomb Squad so as you can see very busy over here! I look forward to chatting with all you great players and hope to see some interaction between our forums here to help get the POKERGURU some attention here in Ontario Canada! Thanks for your time everyone and talk soon.


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Jeff Burnett

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