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cash game chronicles part 1

Posted by 4better on 2012-11-28 at 12:00 AM

finally got in my first cash game session yest. didnt get to play on Monday as no games ran (even though everytime i called they said the games was about to start in 20 mins…bastards)

so reached at around 1130ish one table of 100/200 full of new faces for me (sweeet). there was 3 ppl with 40-60k stacks and all the rest short stacked (5-15k). there were 2 uncles who sat with 10k waited until their stack dwindled down to 0 and rebought in again for 10 more. did this a few times. i mention this because this really messes with my game when there are so many short stacks because 3betting light becomes harder because these short stack fish are calling stations and will call 30% of their stack in a 3bet pot making it hard to do anything postflopsince there is only got a pot sized bet left.so this leads alot of the regs playing abc poker.

In the end just kept putting pressure on the reg on my right. he ended the day pretty pissed at me commented how i won 12 out of the 14 pots we played together. kept 3 betting himalot and he looked like a decent player so was expecting him to 4bet me lightish soon and when he did i 5 bet him and he mucked so that felt pretty good. other than that not much to say. first time playing after ages ended the day with +25k (was +50k at peak). oh also after taking such a long break it felt so so SO good shuffling chips through your fingers. oooof. will keep you guys updated on the swings.

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