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Cash Game fun at CR…

Posted by richestuser on 2012-08-06 at 12:00 AM

So i was thinking of blogging for quite a while now…But always kind of confused what to mention in my blog.. so here i am.. my blog will never contain any hand history or expert comment on my play during a tourney…. rather it will cover more of a fun part going on poker table…

So few weeks back i ended up going to goa with few of my non poker playing friends… IPL tourney was going at that time at CR and as usual i decided to play cash games rather than playing in live tournament…

i reached CR around 2 am and 200/500 game was going side by side IPL tournament where i got seated next to a good looking non Indian lady in mid 30s….while on other side i saw some rich guy wearing like 5 Gold chains and multiple rings in his figures sitting…now this guy looks badly drunk and shoving with J-3..K-6.. 10-7 hands..so within first 30 min it was clear that this guy has gone insane because of money and liker both…although he was sitting with monster stack and to making whole thing funny he sucked out with his 10-7 to A-J of this good looking lady on my right….this lady starts cursing her poker Gods and rebuys 😛

Now this rich clown informs that he will be leaving in half an hour as he had enough for the night…Now Poker warrior inside me is thinking that i have 30 min to get this guy’s money…. next hand i was dealt KK and made a mojor dent to big stack of this rich guy… while on the other side this lady is yet not over cursing her poker gods and applauds my play with KK against clown..making clown more unhappy 😛

minutes later i get JJ and found clown drawing dead with his J-6…although he tells me that my calls with a set of jacks was very bad one since he had backdoor flush 😛 which i accepted to make clown happy and make him look like a genius

now with clown bleeding in chips he decides not to leave after 30 mins…in mean while lady doubles with AQ to another guy on table who is pro and plays almost all tourneys in Goa…now this lady starts applauding her poker GOD.. i asked her does she really needs help of poker gods to win with a broadway(nuts)..and she does not answers me and gives me a scary look…

Now this clown is done as he is busted trying some ninja bluff to pro..who makes an awsome play with a suited connector 7-8…

clown tells he wants to rebuy and gives his credit card to somebody to get some more chips..minutes later his card is returned because it does not works 😛 and i share some awkward looks with lady….Clown is sick to his stomach and leaves table while i share another awkward looks with dealer…
My final hand at the table came against the pro who trys to make a play with a flush against my quad 10s and table breaks…
now while coming out of poker room and collecting money i asked lady that how she is thinking about poker gods now…she tells me that she cashed out yet she is loosing overall for night and will now try to play some blackjack where her boyfriend is playing .. BUMP 😛

learning from whole outing ..
1) leave table when u r winning ….even if u r drunk…:P
2) dont believe in Poker God. try to play good than believing in something that u r not sure exits 😛
3) poker brings ppl close 😛

thanks for reading my blog..hope u guys enjoyed it

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