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Cash Game Legends

Posted by Rajeev Raut on 2015-09-19 at 12:00 AM

In Continuation Of My Previous Blogs
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I’m truly overwhelmed from the response I have got from all the readers of My Blogs. I was requested to divulge into The Cash Game Scene in India & who is the Top Cash Game player in India.
All Individuals mentioned in this Blog have my utmost respect & I feel are the Pillars of The Cash Game Scene.
In May 2012 during one of my Goa Casino Trips to Casino Royale, I got an offer from Anil Gulati to join & operate The Casino Royale Poker Room with him. According to me at that time, this was the Mecca of Indian Poker & was A once in a lifetime offer. Without any hesitation I accepted & made an overnight road trip to Pune to bring all my stuff & wardrobe.
This was going to be the start of my Poker Administrative Career in a Thoroughly Professional Environment.

Playing daily in The Royale Poker Room for an average of 15 hours educated & showed me the literal meaning of the words GRIND & GRINDER. In these extensive playing hours, I came across the Pillars of The Indian Cash game scene & the presence that they had on any table to few who knew them.

[B]Anil ‘The Machine’ Gulati[/B] was The Most Flamboyant Organizer of High Stakes Cash Games in India. He had this Amazing Charm to lure anybody to play on a higher stake table than what they were already seated on. He was the Life of a Dull weekday Casino Poker Room who would liven up the spirit merely by his presence. The Nickname THE MACHINE was emphatic on his ability to play Non-Stop over 50 hours of High Stakes Poker while Juggling his Passion for Horse Racing, Cricket & Tennis.
[B]Prashant ‘PRAZ’ Correa[/B] is the Phil Ivey of Indian Poker. By far the most Successful Indian Cash Game Player. Sitting with Praz was an experience. He was the loudest soft-spoken guy you will come across. Speaking to him almost daily for hours & sitting watching him play for endless hours (he showed me all his hands) was one of the most educating times of my Poker Life. He is one of the most feared Poker players in a Cash Game anywhere in India across any stake. Although I can write an entire Blog on PRAZ, This is it, He likes to remain low profile & I know he’s already reading this & saying “WHY RR??”
I always set my goal in Poker to be like PRAZ. He was my Idol, Guide & Best Buddy.
Trust Me, Any youngster who wants to set a goal in Poker should make his 1st Aim to Be like PRAZ.
Most of you Guys reading this are even asking “WHO’S PRAZ??”
The Brilliant Recluse [B]RAMANDEEP GUJRAL[/B]. Raman was a revolutionary Missionary of Poker who 1st started a staking stable for the live Cash Games in Goa. He took under his wings some young promising Cash Game players Mentored them to be the most feared Players on the Goa scene. Cash Game strategy was totally different & Raman was the ideal Mentor anybody would want to have. A very soft-spoken guy but every youngster would want to absorb every word he says towards his own enlightenment.
Any youngster to have Raman as a Mentor was truly blessed.
The MONK [B]ROHIT BHALLA[/B]. BHALLA as he is known was one of the calmest & coolest players I have seen. Playing a few times with Bhalla showed me what is the ideal temperament required to play Cash games. He was meticulous & precise like an artist at work slowly chiseling into the stacks on the table.
To Sum it up for A Youngster …He would want A Mentor like [B]RAMAN[/B], The Temperament of [B]BHALLA[/B], The Stamina of [B]GULATI[/B] & The Tenacity & Success of [B]PRAZ[/B].

Mumbai had it’s own Superstars.
The GANGSTA [B]JASVEN SAIGAL[/B]. Jasven is my Guide , Guru & one of my Best Buddies. JASVEN was a true Pioneer in Organizing Home Games. GANGSTA is more of a nickname I would like to give for his presence on a Poker Table. Just his stare could give any faint-hearted guy Cold feet & would break him out into sweat. Jasven is In my Opinion, is The best Combination (besides me ☺) of Tournament & Cash Game Specialist. Jasven is very approachable by any youngster looking for inputs. Jasven has an exemplary fitness routine & focuses on the minutest detail before any Poker session. I would term him as a creature of Habit & Routine.
The HERMIT [B]KAVIN SHAH[/B]. Kavin had played Poker in Australia during his Student days & so had huge edge in the fledgling Cash Games of Mumbai. He was Also a part Of the RAMAN stable. Kavin is one of the nicest guys on the Indian Circuit. If approached well, is never shy of giving guidance & his favorite Topic is BANKROLL MANAGEMENT.
The POKER KING OF GOOD TIMES – [B]BOBBE SURI[/B]. BOBBE is a playboy. If you are in the company of BOBBE you will be a Playboy. Bobbe was the 1st at many …He was 1st to Go & Cash out Big in a Macau PokerStars Tournament … He was the 1st to stake somebody (Abhishek Goindi) in an overseas Event which brought him huge Success….he was the 1st guy to win a 1 Lac Buyin Poker Tournament (World Gaming Festival) & He was the 1st Guy to start a Poker Group on Facebook POKER BUDDIES. This group was closed group & an aspiration for everybody to get on & follow the Indian poker Scene via FB. Bobbe organized High-Stake Cash Games for the Elite Society featuring Top Businessmen & Bollywood connections.

There were & are many Cash Game Players who may have ridden their High Tide but the ones I have mentioned in this Blog are LEGENDS.
Signing Off with cherished Memories of Good Times with The LEGENDS.

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