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Posted by Jagdeep Singh on 2012-09-17 at 12:00 AM

Its been quite a struggle juggling between work, poker and personal relationships. I get to play live poker over the weekend and try to put online volume during the weekdays after office.
Given a choice between playing online and playing live, playing live is def much more +EV (with higher variance too) given the number of fishes that play. Cash games are also fun to watch provided you are not at the receiving end of the insane donk play that goes on. I mean, its just ridiculous, the kind of illogical thought process that some players have. Its one thing to play for fun, and call wd backdoors just for kick of it, but another to rather justify that with some insane mathematical logic. As a poker player, to play with such opponents is prolly the best thing that can happen to you.

Btw, few days ago I witnessed this incredible dumb ruling made in our poker cash game. 2 players in the pot, one player (mr.X, one of the organisers) leads out with a bet of 8k in 15k pot on a turn (15k behind) and instantly picks up and peek into the opponent’s cards (Mr.Y). LOL. Whole table is shocked. Mr. Y who doesn really have that much of a hand wants X to muck his hand. They call the house and house throws light on the rule that says in such case if Y has the choice to fold, call or raise.. lol. but if he goes allin, X cannot fold (he must call). Basically Y has no bluffing equity anymore! X’s penalty for looking at the other player’s cards- sit out for next 2 rounds and a must call!! Well, after 15 min of arguments, they decide to split the pot!!

Its true, logic and money rarely go hand in hand. And the player who can mix both of them will be a profitable player at the end.

Anyways, I have been running bad for sometime now. Down 85k playing cash in the last 2 weeks. One interesting hand from yday.

Hero:KK , 100/200 blinds (stack 25k) Straddled pot
UTG limps, I limp from MP.
CO bets 2100, 3 callers including the UTG. I re-raise 10k on top. 3 folds, unto UTG who almost folds but suddenly decides to call…
flop: QQ8 rainbow
He checks, I shove 13k, he tanks for 1 min and calls. Shows AA – biggest slowroll ever LOL…

I will post couple of other hands from yesterdays session on the hand advice forum.

Btw, the buy-in of the cash game is back to 10k. Prolly the organisers realize that their money comes from more action. More action is more rake. making the game deep stack gives an edge to better skilled players which will mean bad players going bust quicker than otherwise and hence lesser action in long run.

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Jagdeep Singh

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