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Cash Games : great play – stupid situation

Posted by Satchit Kapur on 2012-11-25 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys,

Been playing some Cash Games in Delhi lately, been doing pretty well in the games.

Something ive been noticing in the games in Delhi lately everyone wants to make the best play the best bluff without looking at the timing of tht play or bluff. People just want to assume everyone thinks on level 1 max 2 and they want to play 72 like aces pre flop, turn it into a set of 10s on the flop and if the flush completes on the river might as well rep tht as well and if they get called it’s the callers fault cuz he dint understand the line they were taking.

Its like this theres a fish on the table he hardly ever raises a hand pre flop but when he does he hates folding post flop and u can easily put him on what he has after his post flop actions. So he raises u knw he has jacks as he checked on the board of kq3 and called a bet on the turn when a 10 came now the river bricks off u know hes going to call you even though he shudnt cuz almost everything beats him but he is you wil still try and make him fold yyyyyyy ???
Pick a spot when he simply has nothing just cuz it’s the right play to bet on that flop and u knwing his hand n all doesn’t make it the best situation to bet.
But ya the pro must bet and get called and then go on abt how this fish is soooo bad.

For me all ive been doing is playing straight forward abc poker winning tons of money a bit nittty at times but who cares when there are soooo many people ready to donate to my charity.

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Satchit Kapur

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