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Cash Games in India

Posted by Amar Katharani on 2011-04-21 at 12:00 AM

Over a period of time alot of home cash games have emerged in Mumbai. It does attract alot of new players and the stakes range from a ₹500 buyin to high stakes whr the buyin is minimum 20k. Have seen and played in almost all stakes, and the thing which really upsets me is the way the new players are treating poker specially the cash games.

In a small ₹500 buyin cash game a guy lost 18k in 1 hour which i feel is alot in that range of buyin. The reason behind this these players have no clue of what poker is all about. I tried to play at this table got a Pocket AA on the dealer button with a table of 9 ppl all sitting with almost 1000 rs blinds at 10-20 the first raise comes from under the gun of ₹300 now that is really a pathetic raise for a 10-20 blind on top of that there r 7 callers, and when i push all in everyone calls showing 67os, 49os, 66, A3os, 34suited 10Jos, and K3Suited, i loose that hand as the board shows 9,9,3 on the flop with turn 2 and river K.

This kind of play continoued in all the games these guys played and hence there was no sign of poker. They were ready to call any kind of preflop raises and when u have 7-8 ppl playing every hand u just cant play poker. “What i feel is when a table of 9 players has 8 donks and ur the only one playing poker, YOU become the DONK”

A table with 1 or 2 donk players is always appreciated by all poker players but when u only have them on the table there is nothin u can do even if u wait patently for the best starting hand u can do nothin to keep these ppl away. I feel the whole fun of cash game is dieing and hence i feel tournaments and small sit n gos r the only way one gets to play good poker at where a few donkeys r always welcomed.

Have currently stopped playing cash for a while and only play small house sit n gos and tourneys in Goa. But im sure over a period of time the so called Bingo players or Gamblers will learn and not treat this lovely card game like 3 patee.

Adios amigos till my next article stay good and may ull win monster POTS..:)

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Amar Katharani

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