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Cebu APT Report

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-02-08 at 12:00 AM

I skipped the IPL weekend and headed to Delhi on the 31st to meet up with other team PokerGuru members before our longish journey to Cebu. We flew Delhi-HK-Cebu with the entire journey taking little under 14hrs. Cebu was refreshingly different then Manila which I had visited 3-4 yrs ago when PokerStars did their first event there and poker was new in Phillipines. Cebu is in lot of ways similar to Goa, very chilled and amazing natural beauty, we saw tons of small islands on our descent to Cebu, Cebu itself has some amazing beaches.

Our first day was just sleeping off the long journey and getting ready for the busy week of poker ahead. My first tournament was the 1 lac pesos (1 Usd-42pesos) highroller, it was relatively soft field and had 30 runners with a fast paced structure. I got it in with 79hh on 5c 7c 9d board and ran into 55 in level 2 and was the first one out. Next event was the main event, which was a re-entry event. All of us planned on playing day 1a very aggressively to build a stack and give ourselves the best chance to win the event. Unfortunately we all ended up going to bed pretty late and missed day 1a since we were under the impression the late reg was on till level 4,but they closed it after level 2, guess getting spoiled by the late regs in Indian tourneys. So we were all shut out of day 1a and had to play 1b. This time we took no chances and were there on time, I had a pretty soft table draw with just bunch of passive players. Few hands I played:

75-150 I open 400 with AsKd utg, get called in LP and bb, flop comes Ad 9s 3s, I bet 550 and get called by LP. Turn is 2d, I bet 1300 he makes it 3100, I call. River is Th, I check fold to his 5k bet (he later told me had 45dd)

100-200 I open A9o to 500, 7 handed utg and get called by utg+2 (tightish Japaneese player) and bb (who was a station) rest fold. Flop is Kd Td 3s I bet 1050 utg+2 calls, bb folds. Turn is Kh I bet 2050 and he calls again, river is brick 6c, I check tank call his 3500 bet and he shows A4dd.

100-200(25) I have very aggressive image and open A5cc in CO to 500, Cindy Wang makes it 1500 in bb, I call. Flop is Kc 9c 6s, she bets 2k I call. Turn is Jc , giving me the nuts, she check raises my 3500 bet to 8500 and folds to a shove for 6k more.

100-200(25) Cindy opens for 700 in ep, weak player flats on CO, I flat with 66 in sb and bb calls as well. Flop 225r checks around, turn is a 3 I leed 1300 Cindy is the only caller, river is another 3 I bet 2800 and she calls and shows AA.

These were some of the big pots I played, after which I went card dead and swung between 25-35k (we started with 15k) in the 150-300 and 200-400 level, I had build an absurd image showing down lot of light opens and 3bet folding cpl times.

250-500 (50) SB opens to 1150, I 3 bet to 3500 with 88 in bb, he shoves 20k and I beat him into the pot, he looks disgusted, but that changes when I show my 88, he shows QQ and holds.

300-600 (75) Last yr’s winner of APT Cebu (Swedish competent player) opens to 1500 utg, I look down at AJo with 6300 and shove it in, he calls with AK and that was that.

The next day was eventful, but not for any poker reasons but for the earthquake which hit Cebu in the afternoon. I was sleeping, all of sudden I heard my entire bed shaking uncontrollably, our rooms are on the 18th floor which definitely was way too high up, our floor was swinging a meter at least for few seconds during the earthquake, it was pretty scary and I just didn’t know what had happened, it took few seconds before we realized what was going on. Me and Raman were in the room at the time and contemplated running down 18 floors and go outside, luckily nothing happened for next few minutes and we calmed down and scrapped going down, I mean 18 freakin floors using the stairs, was not looking forward to it. Bhalla and Amant ran downstairs along with several other people, there was a tsunami warning for a few hrs but then things started calming down. We went in the evening to play the 8,800 side event and felt another tremor there and another one later in the evening, on reaching the room we decided its probably best to prepone our tickets just to avoid getting stuck in Cebu incase something happens (had to be back for PGT :P), we were all done with tournaments at that point as well so there was no real reason to stay another day. We did manage to do change our tickets but all of us went out to drink and ended up oversleeping and then cancelling our flight in the morning. There was a last 8,800 6 max side event which all of us slept through, Amant somehow managed to wake up for it and narrowly missed winning it (he has 2-1 CL HU at one point) but received 154,000 pesos for his 2nd place finish. Goindi had a pretty decent run as well getting 4th in one of the side events (his KK got cracked by Ax for CL pot 4 handed) and cashed in the main. Overall, this was a good group trip and all of us have fond memories of Cebu for most part (minus the earthquake experience of course). We do plan to come down for APT Manila in April and APPT Cebu whenever that happens.

Now all of us are on our way back to Goa to make it in time for PGT season 2 (blogging from Hong Kong airport). Hope to see you guys down there, will be blogging a lot in coming weeks as I plan to play online a lot as soon as PGT is over. Don’t forget to follow live updates from PGT right here on PokerGuru.

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Aditya Agarwal

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