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Change of plans

Posted by 4better on 2012-11-21 at 12:00 AM

so with no stars and no RS on me its been pretty boooooring poker wise. and also without playing its been damn hard to blog aswell cause im not one to take life lessons from unless you want to degen it up (pm me for my betting tips on epl 🙂 since this has def been the longest time for me not playing poker i decided fuck it enough is enough time to get my grind on. i was heading to Goa tomm with the fam till Sunday and will stay on after they leave get a place for a few weeks and put in the hours. i will give more details as they come in (mainly after getting a bankroll for this).

my plan so far is to play 100-200 from Monday to Thursday (allowing one day for a break) and on the weekends (fri + sat)if higher games are running ill play depending on how +ev the table looks and what seat i get (pos on fish etc). normally these wouldnt be a factor to me but since ill be playing with borrowed cash ill def up my game selection. ill keep you guys updated after every session.
im also going to try running/yoga during the days and let you know how it affects my game(heard they do wonders for your mindset during long sessions)

also on a side note i see a few forum posts contain hud stats after just a few hands with a villain and leaning to a line of play according to these stats….even if its just 15 hands on villain!?…there is an option on holdem manager/poker tracker to start showing hud details after a certain amount of hands. please enable this! i have mine set to 100.

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