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Changes for PGT October

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-08-22 at 12:00 AM

Its been a while since I blogged, not much has been going on and I have generally been lazy in the rainy weather.
I am back at home and planning not to go to Goa till PGT October. In the meantime I plan to play online on Sundays and some wcoop events next mnth along with finishing the first batch of PGMP, we are currently 4 sessions away from finishing and I look forward to having a new fresh group of 15-20 to work with, more on that in the future. I suggest all those interested in getting selected start getting active on the PokerGuru forums.

Regarding PGT, we here at PokerGuru would like to thank all members for their continuous support. PGT is now the number one tournament series in India, this would not have been possible without support from you guys. There is some big news, we have decided to tweak the buyins for PGT a bit. The series will now feature:

5k re-entry
7k bounty
30k Main Event
66k 6max high roller

Lot of thought has gone into these changes. I am one of the firmest supporters of having no re-entry events since they makes no sense for high buyin-small fields, but for a small buyin and big field it makes a lot of sense. We finally feel that the field size in our 5k event is big enough to make it a re-entry giving player a much better ROI. We expect a prizepool of 8 Lakhs + with around 3 Lakhs for the winner in the 5k re-entry event. Its all about ROI when deciding what tournaments to play and we are well aware of this, our 7k bounty event will cater to smaller buyin crowd (we have something huge planned for that as well in the very near future) and with a big field should give enough value for bigger buyin players as well. We plan to run several satellites online/live for our main event and should be able to have same or bigger numbers for the main event even with the slight increase in buyin.The increase in buyins for the main event and high roller is keeping in mind what we want to eventually offer to Indian Tournament crowd.

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Aditya Agarwal

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