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Chaos Beyond Belief

Posted by Rohit Mishra on 2020-03-29 at 1:29 PM

We are going through times that will shape the future to come. It’s how we react to this pandemic that is gonna make us. Bill Gates had warned the world that the next pandemic is gonna be a virus. We are so engrossed in our daily lives that we ignore these warnings. We need to have a greater appreciation for life and people. This global pandemic is just a show of how inefficient our systems can be if we continue this way. With over 500,000 reported cases worldwide as of now, the massive scale of the outbreak and its unpredictable nature is why authorities are facing such a difficult time containing this virus.

In the midst of this global pandemic, falling economic, and increasing everyday chaos, it really makes me sad to see how the government and people are still reacting to this. People failing to oblige with regulations laid by the government. A large number of people, mostly students and IT professionals being stopped on state borders, creating massive jams on highways due to miscommunication between authorities. In Bengal, the police have been accused of thrashing a man to death for going out to get milk. Labor migrants are forced to walk over 100 kms during this lockdown just to reach their home to stay safe.

Clearly, no one had ever anticipated this level of chaos.

People need to understand that staying away from each other is the only way they can avoid this. This virus can transform and recombine into multiple strains depending on its interaction with humans. In short, it can mutate. They are capable of replicating rapidly in multiple organisms. So far, there is no medicine or vaccination for this. The only way we can stay safe from it by social distancing.

It’s heavier than all other viruses and hence cant travel far. So keeping yourself away from anyone or anything that can potentially carry the virus is what we need to do to stop this. No matter how efficiently the govt comes out with a plan, with all that we know about the virus today, the only way we can avoid this tragedy is by being in complete lockdown.

Like all difficult times in history, this is going to pass too. However, what we choose to be once we get out of this, is going to shape the future to come. We can continue succumbing to never-ending greed, desires, and materialism and continue leading selfish lives. Or we can choose to open our eyes to see that all our actions are going to have consequences and make the required changes to make life better in the years to come.

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Rohit Mishra

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