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clicking away to riches!

Posted by Kunal Chandra on 2011-04-27 at 12:00 AM

As weird as it may sound, just tapping your mouse pad can make some people millionaires. I remember telling my elders as a kid that I wanted to play video games for a living. I think my wish may have just come true!

Picture this, a smoke filled conference room of a hotel in Panjim full of a bunch of people totally out of their minds and passionate about what they are doing are just going hard at their laptops, shouting out weird words that to be honest I hadn’t heard of so much earlier (the idiot jus spazzed, i owned the m*** f***, ship it to PAPA). I am one of those lucky guys who happened to be amongst some of the greats of ONLINE POKER for a week.

I call myself lucky because, earlier I played my own standard straight forward poker and thought I was the best in the world who sometimes got unlucky with busting out of a tournament with AA. After that one week of sweat sessions with this bunch of superheroes (u need to have special powers to play 20 tables at a time) my game has changed, and changed for good. I understood how tournament poker works, what are the different stages and how to maximize your chances by making flawless skilled decisions at crucial points.

I did make the odd deep run earlier playing straightforward poker but now the number has increased by making certain plays I wudn’t have thought of making earlier. Amongst us few guys we made loads of $$’s that week, and I wasn’t so upset now of getting bust when someone sucked out on me by hitting one of their 2 outs, its just variance.

The sheer energy just pumps you up so much, that you just want to keep going. You bust one tourney there are still 12 more on your screen, so you don’t get the time to think about the bad beat you got. Just get in the volume to negate variance. Every night atleast 2 people were final tabling different tourney’s and some going on to win too.

None of us are Goans, none of us are from the same city, none of us went to the same school but we were still together cheering everyone else at any pot we might’ve picked up along the way to a deep run. Are we crazy? are we out of our minds playing online games?? maybe, but I can guarantee all of us will have our share of million’s of $$ waiting to be earned at online poker and we’ll be standing together as a Team.

The Audi TT’s, Porsche’s, Superbikes and whatever else we wish for might just be a few clicks away, so go ahead and click away to riches!!

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Kunal Chandra

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