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Confessions contd…..

Posted by Vikram Kumar on 2015-10-16 at 12:00 AM

So after making time for poker have been very diligent in going about trying to live my dream, after my last post played a lot of cash games on one of the popular Indian sites and cashed out 4x of my initial bank roll and was a very good experience playing with some senior pros and discussing hands with them and will continue playing on Indian sites more and also will be playing the IOPC on Spartan starting in less than a week’s time.
In the live front been playing 6 hours minimum of cash everyday in Chennai and understanding the Chennai scene after a long layoff, was surprised to see the big action and player pool in Chennai after being introduced to few homes games by a friend and as always the bonding and comrade these games bring is very satisfying specially when the run is not so sweet. The initial few sessions were very bad and was down by multiple buyins, but slowly and steadily have started winning few back but the best part I liked about all the sessions is that I hardly tilted in the entire two months which was not my strength a few months back. Will vouch personally for the action in Chennai is crazy and more action packed than most of the rooms in the neighboring city and cash outs happen in a jiffy.
Coming to the confidence boosting IPC October edition was a good series personally with 2 FT’s finishing 6/273 in the 5k warm up and then coming back the next day to ship the high roller which did not have few of the top pros participating due to contract agreements. The main event went well to finishing 26th just 4 positions before min cashing were I ran my 99 into AA. In the bounty event made a few bounties before heading back home after more than a satisfying season.
The friendship requests by fellow poker players on FB is very heartwarming and in the lead up to IPC December will be playing on Indian sites and try playing all the IOPC events on Spartan. Not being a fit person makes it a bit tuff to put long hours on the felt and this is something that I will be addressing in the days to come. Look forward to some games in Chennai /Goa /Bangalore/Colombo in lead up to the year ending IPC finale, Cheers.
Perfection is not attainable but if you chase perfection you can catch excellence 😉

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Vikram Kumar

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