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CR Cup and the live FT

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2013-07-31 at 12:00 AM

CR Cup was held last week from 24th-27th Aug and i had no plans of playing it until the last day when i convinced myself of doing it. I reached Goa on 24th evening and headed straight to the casino at around 8 pm. The first tourney 10K buyin started right at 9 pm and we got 10k chips at 50/100. I had a good table with some really fishy players but being card dead, couldn’t take away much from them at the early levels. Samohh at my table was owning ’em when he called down with J high on the river and bettor snap mucks his hand. Gradually i chipped up hard and was Chipleading during 2nd break.

at 200/400: EP opens to 850, BU calls, i defend BB with K7hh. Flop K78sss. I chk, EP makes it 1175, BU calls, i reraise 4175 to which EP guy folds and BU tank calls. Turn is a 3c, i shove 8K into the pot of 11k. BU tanks and folds showing As.

200/400: EP tightish player opens to 850, i defend BB A9hh. Flop is Q46hh. We r 8kish deep otf, i lead out 900 he makes it 2800ish, i snap shove and he calls and shows 78hh. Turn 7 puts him into the lead but the river Kh scoops me the pot.

After this the tourney structure dominated the gameplay as it became a complete hyperturbo with around 9BB avg stack. I managed to keep my stack around 10-12BB but eventually shoved 89ss from SB into a nitty BB who woke up with 99. Was left with 4BB which i openshoved UTG with T4o and got called by ATo of the chipleader and that was that. FInished at around 19th place with 15 places paid.

The next day we had a 20k Buy-in in which i got a pretty soft table with no known regs on it. But being card dead against calling stations is no good. I tried taking a couple of spots, but couldn’t bluff’em out of the hand. Gradually chipping down, i shove 16BB with AKo after 3limpers but one of them had AA to bust me out of it.

The final tournament was the 40K main event in which i was seated at a table with Donkab0mber, Amit Ajwani to my left, high stakes Cash game player to my right limp calling every hand pre and a few others. As always, i started off folding every hand early. But this tournament had a pretty good structure and we were deep for quite a while. Few hands that happened

100/200, Guy to my right limps, i make it 750, get 2 callers, Donka squeezes, i 4b with Ajo, callers fold, donka tank folds.

200/400, Guy limps, i make it 1450 with 99, 2 callers and the limper calls as well. flop 79Jr, i lead 2200ish, 1 guy calls. turn Q, i make it 6500 he calls. River is a blank i make a bet of 15k, he calls and snap mucks when i turn over 99.

KC got moved to our table and he opens EP 2x at 600/1200, Uncle calls MP, i flat BU with AKcc around 35-40BB eff. flop 468cc, KC cbets 3100, uncle calls, i make it 11400, and both call. Turn is a blank, checks around to me, i make it 17.5k, KC folds and uncleji tank folds. KC later says he folded KK.

kept winning a few hands here and there, 3b-cb did most of the job to keep chipping up. I ended day 1 with chiplead, 237900 chips at 1k/2k.

There were 42 players heading into day2 with 12 places paid. Things didnt go that well at the beginning of day2 i chipped down to 170k.The tables started getting a lil tougher.

at 3k/6k, i open K8dd EP, folds down to Pulkit who shoves for his last 58K chips. I make the call, he shows TT and holds.
next hand, i open QQ utg, SB shoves 60K, i call he shows AJ, i hold.

At around the bubble, Raman shoved 12BB from CO, and i got AA on BU. He had KQss and i held to get to around 360K. Soon we were down to 10 players and the FT where the blinds were rolled down to 4k/8k.

I was 5th in chips and had position over Pulkit, Dhaval and KC.

Early into the FT Dhaval shoved 9BB over an EP limper i called with AJo, limper folded and i hold against his A5.

at 5k/10k on my BU, KC isos a limper, i 3b him with J9o and take it down.
Shravan Chiplead on FT had been pretty active, opens utg+1 24k at 6k/12k, i 3b 54k from BB with J9o, he 4b to 114k i fold.
Next hand, Nimit opens UTG+1 24K, i 3b from SB 54K with AA, he calls. flop QT7, i bet 44k, he tank shoves and i snap. he shows AQ. I double up to get a top 3 stack.

Few hands later, Sumit Sapra shoves around 15BB from MP, i snap call with KK, he shows AA and holds. Down to 16BB where we eventually made a deal 6 handed where each player gets 4L and we play for the 3.85L more.

I get down to 5BB when my QQ don’t hold against KC’s A5. Few hands later i stop and go from BB with A3s against shravan’s UTG open. He calls and holds with AT on a KQ6 flop.

That was about my first big live FT, i felt really good about the way i played and it was a very nice experience playing with such beasts. But honestly, Live poker is so boring, need to keep your calm and not tilt. People tanking for hours and hours when u already know they r gonna fold. It takes a hell lot of patience live.

Anyways, gotta concentrate back on online and make some monies. I had been doing pretty well last month but couldn’t bink any tourney thus have had a hit on my BR. Will have to nit it up with my BRM and ship something soon…


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Sahil Agarwal

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