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CR cup

Posted by Laveena Belani on 2012-06-24 at 12:00 AM

The CR cup 12k bounty event that I played brought to fore a major flaw in my game … inablity to play 30bbs + stack. It actually is much more complicated than we think during the Mentorship sessions !! And it feels terrible to have done well from the start (managed to get 3 bounties) right upto the money bubble … and then lose the grip. I mean the field was pretty small and so was the prize pool … but what matters is when you were ahead consistently and are still unable to make the mark because of some stupid mistakes, it makes you rethink about your basic skills. But I guess, we gotta move on learning our lessons from each mistake we make and make sure that we do not repeat them. Of course we are always gonna make new ones :rolleyes: … and every time we spew we’ll give ourselves the same “reassurance”. 😡

The positive side (yes there was one!!) of the experience was being able to accomplish at least one feat … NEVER inflate the pot oop … managed to keep the pot small at one point with cowboys … only cos I was oop !! And it felt quite right … even tho I was ahead, I managed not to fall in love with my hand in a pre-flop 4-bet pot, was able to keep my head on my shoulders about having JUST ONE PAIR on a highly slippery board.

However, there’s still loooottttttts to learn before I can even call myself a poker player !!! I’m hoping the mentorship program takes me half-way there, the rest of course, only experience and individual capability can !! Looking forward to that day … !!

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Laveena Belani

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