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Cracking the Godfather With A Little Bit Of Luck & Loads of Mentorship

Posted by Ashish Ahuja on 2019-01-28 at 10:02 AM

Hi friends, my name is Ashish Ahuja. I have been playing poker professionally for almost five years now, but the last nine months at PokerGuru Staking have been amazing.

Though I have played on my own for many years but the next level game can only be reached with the help of a mentor. Self-studying is required, but the point is how would a newbie know studying what strategy is right for them? A mentor helps with that. A mentor helps in helps you with the right balance between play & study balance and also keeps a player updated about new strategies and happenings in poker.

For me that mentor was none other than Aditya Agarwal aka Intervention. My game has improved drastically since I have come under his mentorship. The magical run I have had on the online felts in the last few months, is all thanks to Adi. He is the main source of my strength in the game.

I have won several big online titles in the past couple of months, including Two Of A Kind last month and the Godfather on Adda52 this month. With Adi’s help I have effectively mastered how to transition from stack to stack, how to adapt my game according to the kind of stack I have, and this has been a major reason behind my recent success.

I’d like to share some of my hands from my victorious run at the Godfather. I was the shortest stack when I reached the final table and it feels amazing that I won it from that spot.

I was lucky enough to double up against Sumit Sapra early on. I had picked up aces and decided to shove for my last 12 big blinds. Sumit called with A9o. That was an easy win and I was happy since I wasn’t the shortest stack anymore.

Another key hand was when I eliminated Sumit. When under-the-gun (UTG) opened, button flatted, followed by Sumit who was in the small blind. I squeezed in from the big blind. UTG and Button folded. Sumit 4-bet jammed with KQo because he probably believed that I may be bluffing. But I had pocket queens and called his 4-bet shoved which knocked Sapra out of the game.

I caught another lucky break when play was down to the last three people. We all had similar stacks, but I was still the shortest. Button opened and I jammed with AJo from small blind. Abhishek Garg re-jammed from the big blind with QQ. But I was lucky to clip an ace on the flop was able to chip up through that hand.

In the heads-up against Andrea Fernandes, we were once again evenly matched in chips. I got myself into a bit a trouble when I almost bluffed my entire stack. My opponent opened and I flatted with 7c 9c. The flop came Jh 5h 5c. Both of us checked to see the turn 4c. I led out with two-thirds of the pot and my opponent called. The river came Js and I missed my flush draw. I decided to overbid the pot. My opponent called with ace high. I lost the pot and was left with 1:5 deficit in chips.

Left with only my last 10 big blinds, I shoved the next hand with a king high. My rival called with a Ace high and I got another lucky break clipping pair of 5’s on the river.. My stack increased to 20 big blinds and I was in position to play my natural game. From there on, I steadily started to rebuild my stack.

As the heads-up battle progressed, my opponent began to get a little irritated. He started shoving almost every hand. Once again, I picked up jacks and open jammed against my opponents J9cc. I crippled him to his last 5 big blinds.

He did manage to double up through me when he shoved with six high and clipped a six on the board. From then on it wasn’t long before the final showdown happened. On the final hand, he yet again shoved and I called with QTo. He had an ace high, but I clipped a ten on the flop and then again on the turn. He could not match up to my set and I won the title.

Like I said, it feels incredible to win and I am really thankful to PokerGuru Staking for all the support that they have given me. It is through PokerGuru that I have been able to receive Adi’s mentorship and that is the best gift that I have ever got in my poker life!

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Ashish Ahuja

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