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Day 1 of the Main Event

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-07-10 at 12:00 AM

I played day 1c of the 10,000$ buyin Main Event of the WSOP, leading up to the main event I was very happy with my play so far and felt good rhythm. I was also much more relaxed this yr than I have been the yrs before, this was the 6th yr I was playing the Main Event, with a personal best finish of 96th in 2008 and 450th in 2007, it has been 2 yrs since I last cashed the main. I was pretty excited to play the biggest tournament of the year which also happens to be the softest and most +ev equity wise tournament just cos of the huge numbers of people who show up from all over the world to take part in this spectacle .
For the first time this series I arrived at my table before the start and got comfortable. I had a toughish looking table with 2 brit cash game players, high stakes HU grinder whatssssup and one of the best allround players Mr. Smokey1 (steve billakiris) all on my starting table. Luckily this table broke 20mins in and I got moved to a dream table where everyone was middle-aged to old and was void of online players. We started with 30k chips at 50-100 and right off the bat I was involved in several pots, everyone for the most part was playing small ball so my stack was fluctuating between 20-40k for the first 3 levels. The first real big pot I played was against the only capable player on the table, I opened 78ss to 700 at 150-300 30k effective, sb and bb defended. FLop can 3c 5c 6d, sb checks, bb leeds 1325, I call sb folds and we go heads up to turn. Turn is Qh and he checks, I bet 2600 and he made it 6,600, I felt like his range was mostly towards semi bluffs and may not continue if I show more strength, I made it 12,200 with 14k behind and had to fold when he instantly moved in over my 4 bet =/
I was still able to open pots and build my stack up to 20k by dinner break.
Antes kicked in after dinner and I had my best level at 150-300 25, I started with around 20k and ended with 65k or so, there were several pots where I 3 bet and took it down with a cbet or squeezed pre and was able to win the pot, but basically had no resistance getting upto 30k or so before I doubled with 88 on 2c 3c 8h Td Kh board where I flatted pre, raised flop, bet turn and shoved river, it was a cooler hand since the villian had 33 and can never fold in this spot. After that double up it was smooth sailing and I kept playing several pots with small swings, ended the day at 73,350 which must be close to my peak all day. We start tomorrow at 250-500 50 and combine with day 1a to play day 2a, 2b will be on tuesday with day 1b and 1d combining, wednesday is day off and then thursday onwards all remaining players combine to play day 3 onwards to the final table. I will update the total field size once today’s numbers are in, but from look of things it might be close to 6500 to 7000 people.

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Aditya Agarwal

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