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Day 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Main Event and PGMP 3

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2013-07-16 at 12:00 AM

I started Day 2 with 28,250 after monster grinding day one. I lucked out on day 2 having big stacks weak players to my left (Vanessa Selbst was to my left with 115k but busted in cpl of levels and we ended up not playing any pots) and good players with short stack to my right (“Kudos1017” Kunal Patel was to my right and played really well entire day). There were some huge fishes on the table which helped. I am just gonna mention cpl hands from each day without going into too much detail. I did good on day 2 and was an upswing all day: I open A5 and get 3 callers (2 from the blinds), flop T J 5, I bet only btn old guy with big stack calls, Turn Q i barrel again he calls, river 5 I bet he calls and mucks. I open KcKd and get 2 callers, flop Qs Jc 5c, checks around turn Ks, checks to me I bet get only one caller, river brick spade, old guy leeds for pot, I call and win against his 55. Old guy limps for 1k, I make it 3500 with 94hh, he calls, flop Th 9s 2h, check check, turn 4 he check calls, river 8, he leeds pot I call and win. I ran pretty good and kept winning lot of small pots. I ended with 113,100 going into day 3.

Day 3 started the very next day with fields combining, we started day 3 at 1-2k and I had gray 31 again to my left. Tables were definitely starting to get tough as well. I was able to stack up a bit, getting one gift on KJQ board with AT against JQ for 60k or so, I got moved to a real fun but kinda tough table with some online players rumnchess, pokertoto, badcardsAA, asiandude7, browndog (plo player) and some other players. I ran real well to start off on this table picking off a bluff on KK693 board where I called 3b oop with 89hh, flop went check and I called turn and river and won against 8Tss. Then I won cpl pots off badcardsAA (Raj Vohra, he will be making a trip to india later this yr to play in Goa), was just running good against him, like this hand where I raised his c-bet on 578ss flop I had 9Thh, he called, turn was Qs went check check, river was Jd and he bet and I just called and won, he had 77. Towards the end of the day, I just went card dead and nothing worked for a while, I was upto 300k and now I was down to 140ish when this hand happened, I opened CO to 8k with KK, btn made it 23k (new guy, was young asian with 200kish stack), I made it 41k he called. flop 333 I bet 26k he calls, turn K i bet 24k he calls, river 7 I shoved and won against his AA. I ended the day with 361k. I got moved around towards the end of day but nothing significant happened.

Day 4 is when I feel I had the best table draw. I had position on all the good players and weak players were to my left. I started with a healthy stack as well, blinds were 2.5-5k and we had 660ish left with 648 getting paid. I had quite a few huge stacks on my table and from the research I had done, all of em had some kind of live scores, so all of em were competent. Mark Kroon day 1 and day 2 CL was on my table as well, we have played some online and live before and are friendly with each other. Eddie, captain biscuit was also on the table, he is good aggro online reg. We hit the bubble fairly quickly after which I started playing aggressive. I 3b JJ from sb against MP open, he flatted, flop came T34dd I bet he called, turn 9 bringing 2nd flush draw, went check check, river 4 I bet 90k into 160k he called and mucked. I busted Mark when we got it on J 9 2 flop in single raised pot where I called on btn and he called from bb pre, he check raised flop and shoved over my 3b with TJ against my AJ, here I peeked at around 1.2 mill at 4-8k. I lost huge pot to eddie where he opened 67cc to 18k at 4-8, i made it 38k he made it 84k, I made it 135k, he peeled. FLop came 457dd and he check shoved over my 105k bet and held against my AK, winning this wud put me at 1.5mill at 4-8k with all the momentum, instead is fell down to 750k. I was able to grind back to 1 mill but jsut went card dead towards the end of the day and level and just couldnt win a hand for 2-3 hrs, it was real frustrating, loosing several 100-300k pots. Jc tran (my new favorite live pro) got moved to Mark’s seat and played really well, besides him the table stayed the same but seemed like everyone was just picking up hands. I almost got it in against him when I had 450k at 6-12k (last level of the day) with 88 but folded, he showed AK. I was happy to end the day with 400k and try and start fresh on day 5.

Day 5, I again had gray31 to my left with 2.4mill and ashman as well with 1.4mill. Luckily we broke pretty soon. I played pretty tight with my shortstack opening only QdQh at 8-16k to 32k utg with 330k to start the hand. BB called, flop came Ad Jd 2h, chk chk, turn 3h check check, river 7 he bet 45k i called and lost to his A9cc. I reshoved KJ over aggro spewy guy’s open to 37k in MP with 209k on btn, bb tank reshoved with 99 and that was that. 212th for 42,990$ which was 33,093$ after tax deducted. This makes me 3/7 for cashing in the main, would have been awesome to get deeper than my previous best but I am pretty happy with the way I played and having a run in the Main Event is always special so I am not gonna complain, my friends also did really well this series so overall it was definitely good experience. I am looking forward to playing more bigger tournaments this yr both live and online and get my poker career back on track, I am going to be playing continuously live and online for the rest of the yr.

I really appreciate all the support and well wishes, I went through every comment on the forum/facebook after I busted and it definitely made me feel very blessed to have so many people rooting and cheering me on. Txs a lot all of u, we gonna get em soon enough, when it rain it pours and its gonna happen soon. Should be back online grinding before the weekend.

I had planned to do a PGMP3 but I am not sure if I would be doing it now. Like previous batches many of the students just dont put in the dedication that is required. Again this time I had mentioned to people applying to be actively blogging and posting but no one has really done that, I saw some guy just copy/pasted his old blogs, I mean srsly?? Seems like people jsut dont understand whats being asked of them. I dont think I am going to get a group of 10 committed people who are going to give enough back and hence have decided to postpone the PGMP 3 indefinitely for now, jsut dont feel like putting in the time and effort when people are not gonna reciprocating it. Sorry guys, but its on you all.

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Aditya Agarwal

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