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Day 2 of 1k NL

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-06-27 at 12:00 AM

Last yr WSOP introduced their lowest buyin event which was 1,000$ event starting every Sunday for the course of the Series. These were the largest fields in prelims and very popular since it gives an opportunity to lot of enthusiasts to play a WSOP event cheaply, since all other events mainly range from 1500$ to 10,000$.
They are also by far the softest and most value event in the Series. I was pretty excited to play the 1k and with less chips and fast structure it was going to be either a short day or I would be accumulating chips. I started off very well and just loved how soft my table was. I was able to chip up to 6k from the starting 3k with very few showdowns in the first 2 levels of play, after that I flatted a utg raise of 300 with TT on the cutoff, 6k effective deep at 50-100, old guy in the bb who had been playing tight min raised it to 600 with around 4500 behind, both utg and I called and we went 3 ways to the flop. It came Kh Tc 4c BINKKK, it checked to me and I bet 975, bb immediately moved in with AA and I held to chip up to 11k, then I got AA vs QQ for another 7k pot and I was coasting at 21k at 150-300 at my peak, however rest of the day it was much tougher. I tried one big bluff which got picked off and then I got moved to a real tough table for a 1k with big stacks all to my left, I had to just play tight and wait for the redraw and ended the night with 16,200 with blinds starting at 500-1k 100 ante.

We are literally on the bubble with 304 left and 297 paid (we started with 2890 players). We play 10 levels today and should be down to 40 players or less by end of the night, the structure is still going to be fast and I plan on playing aggressive and getting a big stack, field is pretty soft so if I do some chips I feel I will be able to make a run in this, hopefully its a long day.

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Aditya Agarwal

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