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Deep run – APPT Macau 5k 6 Handed Event Part 2

Posted by Pulkit kalia on 2011-12-04 at 12:00 AM

Continued from Part 1… Now that there were 30 players left and I was sitting with a stack of 100bb as the chip leader. Its one of those times when you’ve already started spending the 1st prize money in your head lol. My fantasy was short-lived, when I looked at QQ UTG and in another 5bet pot I very amusingly ran into KK. I lost half my stack in this unfortunate event. Blaming it on my bad luck I moved on and kept stealing trying to make up for the lost power. The hand went to showdown so, at least, something good came of it.

This new French guy came to my table with a short stack doubled up off me. He flattted my button raise on the BB and check raised all in the flop of Q34 rainbow board. It wasn’t much so I called with A2 and lost. And if that wasn’t enough, he started calling my button raises on his BB and taking those pots down. We saw a similar (button raise call on BB) J high flop when I had J7 and he had J9, another hand, he had 66 which he called my button raise on BB, On KKK flop I managed to pay him off with 44. He played his hands well and I had shipped a good amount chips to him.

I had gone down to 35bb when I lost another flip and came down to like 9bb with 10 players left. This is was such a mad rush and it was painful now to be on the worse side of it. The table had these aggressive guyz who would not miss a blind steal. They were sitting 3 in a row and at least one of them would raise if the other has folded. Occasionally they were 3betting the other guy so the troubled short stacks like me have no fold equity. The only reason I survived was because of the Asian lady pretty tight passive would fold every-time when I shoved. So yeah i did that everytime, and she was getting pretty annoyed.

Well we got down to 7 handed and were on the final table when I had a decent 18bb stack. The tables had turned for me so the cruising bit was over, now it was about survival.The biggest stack would have like 60-70bbs so I wasn’t too worried. I got 66 on button folded around to me I had a stack of 20bb. I would hate to raise-fold here so I just open shoved and got snap called by the Asian lady. I was really hoping it’s a flip with like AK , AQ cause that’s like the worst hands in her range. I was pretty shocked to see that she had KQ off and mad at her for calling for her entire 18bb stack and tournament life with that crap any ace high is beating.(of course, I just smiled at her and said,”Good Luck!”) Anyways, the board ran out dry and she clipped a K on the river(Sigh!). The remaining 2bb stack was gone the next hand.

I got $36,500HK for 7th place finish which is pretty decent but I was super gutted, the 1st prize was 193k, which is around 13lakhs. The French guy took it down! I thoroughly enjoyed playing these tournaments, very well organized and conducted. Not to mention a chance to watch and play with Johny Chan, Phil Ivey and other online superstars. I didn’t cash in any other tournaments. I’m very proud of the overall performance of the team which was seen, rooting for one of them, on the Final Table of almost every event. Samoh and Rohit Bhalla were in for a big treat in the Main Event and High Rollers respectively. It ended pretty brutally for them and our rooting team. Well can’t do much about that. Lets just concentrate on shipping it next time!! Thanks for reading.
See y’all

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Pulkit kalia

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