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Determination, Dedication & Desire

Posted by Akshay Kapoor on 2021-07-29 at 3:12 PM

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my first blog which I like to call as chapter 1.

So those who don’t know me, I am Akshay Kapoor from Delhi who has joined PokerGuru Staking last month. It has been quite a long gap since any new person joined PokerGuru, in Kartik’s exact words it has been almost 2 years and 4 months.

A little background of me, I started playing poker when I was 19 in Australia where I was studying for my bachelor’s in commerce. I started playing MTT in small pubs ranging from $20-$50 and slowly moved to casino tournaments which ranged from $200-$300. What can I say, not much knowledge about bankroll, so I played whatever was available. Luckily I ran pretty good in the start (generally the case with newbies) and built my bankroll. One thing I did after winning some money was to invest some of it in poker courses to understand the game better. Netflix and Youtube were not famous then so I would just sit on Twitch and watch Lex, Jaime & Kevin Martin play in my free time. I don’t think there is any EPT series that I have not watched. I will talk about my first live series experience that I played in the next chapter because I want to tell you how I got here.

So long story short, I came back to India and was lucky enough to be introduced to Aditya Sushant through a mutual friend who guided me a little bit about the games that were available and I used to send him some hands occasionally. I decided to make a goal for next year to be known in the Indian circuit and what better than streaming my game. I did get a good response and PokerBaazi was kind enough to give me an opportunity to stream for them.

In this journey of mine, I have made some friends and some brothers from another mother. Just to name a few of them, Anmol Mehta and Prajit were my first friends where we used to discuss spots and at times stream for each other. After some time, I started applying for stables because my mother was a bit skeptical about the game and needed some sort of security that I won’t lose it all because in the past I have busted my bankroll once, I got rejected by them not just once or twice but thrice but I kept applying and asking what am I lacking showing my dedication to improve and desire to play. And one day, through some help of Muskan Sethi, I got introduced to the management where they accepted me, huge shout out to Muskan.

So here I am working under Abhishek Rathod Sir, and have shipped the tournament in my first week, you think this is good, right? Well, he had some other plans, to be exact tell me how bad I am, and trust me he was not wrong. It is important to tell poker players where they have gone wrong because they personally don’t know at times especially after shipping tournaments. I think that helped me quite a bit because that is where my determination to improve started, soon I was working with Sree and made a small group where we all would get together to study for 2 hours three times a week. You might wonder who all were in this group? Well, the group consisted of me, Arun Sriram (who you see crush these days – also he is like a father figure to me :P), Haider Madraswala (our Aussie connection brought us close and can say I treat as my elder brother), other members were Vinayak Bajaj, Anurag Srivastava, and Dhinesh all who I am good friends with even right now. I was also very fortunate to be trained by the likes of Danish and Kanishka and I will talk about them in some other blog because they deserve a separate blog.

Jumping to the present, I am working under one of the best players in India, Ashish Munot who I always have looked up to and I am really excited to learn his way and how he thinks about the game. You all must have heard that your current circle decides where you will be in the next 5 years, well my current circle looks pretty strong having Laksh, Mithun, Gokul, Naresh and not to miss Kartik with me on my journey. When you talk to these guys and attend the coaching sessions, you get to know how little you know about the game. I have been getting on calls with these top regs in the country quite frequently to understand their perspective towards the game. Laksh has even invited me to his place so I will definitely take him up on his offer and see him play live and maybe learn a thing or two. Let’s see what the future holds for me and I will make sure I keep you guys up to date.

Just a hint about the Chapter 2 blog where I will talk about my first month in PG Academy, my first live series experience, and more people I have met in my journey so make you keep an eye out for it. Good luck on the tables!

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Akshay Kapoor

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