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Posted by Prabhakaran Senguttuvan on 2015-06-10 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends, this is your well known Prabakar Che… Really felt happy after longtime in the poker journey of my life and need to share my happiness with u guyz.. The Dream i waited so longtime has started to climb and still many more to come..

Last one year, I had seen all depths of my poker career as a organizer and as a player.. But at the end of the year, I am happy that my faith, love and passion to poker won…

Early Stage..
It all started last year June 2014 when I reached Bangalore for the first time to see what is live poker scene in India.. At first I struggled in the live poker cash table but I managed to survive later as a player + organizer… Started to score in cash games, got backers and even finished some final table finishes in the tournies happened in bangalore.. I made so many good friends in poker both on and off the table.. They all supported me in the good and bad times.. But at the later stages of the career I started to suffer that unwanted things happened (which I dont want to explain where past is past), my bankroll got busted, failed to follow BRM, too many bad sessions at the cash table and finally felt I lost my patience in the game…
So I made my mind to go back home.. Started as zero last year when i reached bangalore and again ended as zero by last week May 2015 when I returned back to my home…

Time to realize..
I had a week of time to take rest and to think about my future.. Finally I started to realize my mistakes and good ones for the past one year.. I had seen all the ups and down things about poker both as a player and an organizer.. So I made my mind to be calm and recover my patience to the game that I adore and I love.. Poker is my passion..
Finally I planned to grind online to build some bankroll and bought some $500 from a friend.. But still my mind started to think about the brand IPC – every poker player’s dream in India that is gonna happen from Jun 3rd to June 8th… And my final days, online mtt’s run were very deep and I planned to trip Goa one more time for IPC..

The Goa Tirp..
So I calculated the overall expenses for the trip as INR 70K including mtt’s buyin, hotel stay and travelling cost.. But 70K is little bit expensive for me to spend since I recently bought $500 in PS with the help of my wife and my mom… Really need to thank them because they are my backbone.. So I felt to sell 50% to 60% of my action in the forum IPPA@PS.. My past score in the TILT helped to gain my attention to the fellow players to buy my action for the IPC.. To my surprise the first 10% was bought by Sameer Rattonsey, Co-director of IPC.. Followed by my well wishers like Krishnaji, Jasven Saigal, Amit Jain and Harikumar… It boosts me some confidence that people are believing me more than myself that I can do.. I said to myself that I need to prove.. Before leaving home I took another 15K from my younger brother who is always backing me when I am in need…

Then I reached Goa via bus from Bangalore.. I got to meet my new poker friend *** in the bus who scored good in the THOS Weekender series and later lost most of his bankroll in cash games… we shared our experience in Poker, ups and down through the travel..

The Dream..
I played the 6K satellite (busted early) and then 5K reached level 8 where my A9o ran against 22… Then it was Friday, the 10K kickoff event started and I was down to 2K less than 8BBs shortest stack at the table and got a double up from one of my mentor Saby.. From there i reached ITM and placed 20th for min cash 18K… I was happy that I made in the prizepool but gained some confidence to show in the main event… In the meantime I made some money at the gambling tables which I don’t suggest for the yougsters who r coming for IPC… Its all just for fun..

The Main Event – Dream for every poker player… Started the day with a nice double up AA vs JJ… From that started to play aggressive, gained my spots and made 48K left with 30BBs at the end of 3rd break… After the break lost most of my chips in a Q high board where need to fold my hand AK suited for a raise against my C-bet.. Need to improve my game in the middle of the tourney.. Finally ended the day with 27K chips exactly 9BBs…. Last 31 survived for the day 2 where final 18 paid… When I checked the chip stats for the final 31, I was the guy who was shortest among them… That’s little hard but I was happy that I made Day 2 with my fellow backers like Sameer, amit jain in the final 31…

Day 2 started and I had some 4-5 hands before getting into BB.. Finally I got a hand 99 shoved under UTG got a call from SB with A10.. My 99 survived and got doubled up… Now I sticked to the rules where I got one more hand AK reshoved against Sumit’s A7… Slowly I started to climb up the ladder and I got to hear those sweet words from the TD ‘ You all made into the money’.. Wow I said to myself,I called my wife to share my happiness, said her that I will reach the final nine… I collected more chips and the final table bubble reached almost 30 minutes where I need to call UTG’s shove with my As10s.. He showed 55’s and I hit a A on the flop to knockout him and we all reached the final table.. In the break I called my wife again and she was very happy with my performance, told her I need to come in the final four.. Haresh Kukreja leading the ladder and I was behind him 2nd in the chip count… Slowly I reached final 3 where card dead situation blinded out so many hands… I need to shove 10c6c against 77 otherwise I will be left with 5BBs… Finally I got busted 3rd for INR 534K…

For a minute I was in hyper that I can’t control my emotions and finally I smiled said to myself Good job… Everyone congratulated me, got calls from my fellow players, my backers got happy with my finish and I felt like I was in heaven.. I shared my emotions with my wife and felt like Dream come true… I settled everyone and its time to say goodbye to my poker friends…. I left Goa the very next day, reached home by 10th June and happily gave my wife 200K what I left with.. Now I can continue my online grinding with peace and gonna be home for next 2 months until the next IPC… Need to put more volume in online grinding @ PS to improve my game and bankroll.. And see you everyone again @ IPC, Goa… Cheers…

Thanks to my friends, mentors for supporting me the entire year.. Thanks to my wife my better half who is supporting me in the good and bad times… Thanks to my family for helping me whenever I am in need….

Thanks everyone for spending time to read my blog..

Before leaving I need to show a video..
Work on ur basics and Work on ur Dream..

With Love and cheers,

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Prabhakaran Senguttuvan

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