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Epic Sep so far – PGT, IPS and the online grind!

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-09-11 at 12:00 AM

What a hectic month this has been already!! I’ve been in Goa almost the whole of this month so far and lot of eventful things have happened. I came here for the 1st event of the PGT. My live run bad continued as I couldn’t cash in any of the events. Good news for the team was obviously Samohh shipping the main event in baller fashion. WP sam. Wasn’t really playing anything online initially..just a few here and there to keep me from being bored Otherwise, was just chilling with friends.

4 of us had 2-3 nights of decent grinding after the PGT and before the IPS. I managed to win the 55 6max turbo (Yay me!) while KC who also ft’d it came 5th, a first online for PG. We decided to stay back for the IPS and play some online as well. IPS got off to a fantastic start with Amit coming 2nd in the very 1st event – 5k with re-entries. The 2nd event – the 5k rebuy went awesome with all 4 us reaching the top 20 with me busting soon after and Samohh bubbling. KC and Amit ft’d it together though! Amit got unlucky to go out 1st. KC did manage to come 2nd though. WP guys.

Everyone busted yesterday’s main event relatively early and went off to play online later.I managed to hang in there initially and started picking up momentum in the mid-late stages. I was hovering around the top 3 stacks with 2 tables left I think. was having a few swings and finally lost 2 crucial pots close to the ft which essentially knocked me out of the tourney. I guess I could have played a bit different but I’m not unhappy with how I played and if I’d had a little better luck, I’m sure I would have provided some ft entertainment 😀
So I snap went back to the room for an online grind cause I didn’t want to take the chance of playing cash while I was a little tilted :p First thing I see when I enter is food and drinks strewn all over the place and everyone sitting with satiated bellies and their laptops in tow 😉

All of us had chances I think with stacks in a lot of tournies. The one of significance was the 75 Turbo though which Amit and I ft’d together. I’m starting to detect a pattern here I think lol. I was CL at the start of the ft while Amit was kinda short stacked. After the usual swings, when the dust had settled, it was down to 3 handed with both of us still in. Amit had a slight chip advantage while I was the shortest stack. I got pretty lucky when I doubled thru Amit with A7o vs JJ. I had to land the killer blow too when he had to shove QJs and I had AKo. I then went on to obviously finish 2nd to the @#$#%&$%#@$ luckbox who ran so insanely good, it was ridiculous.

To sum up, a great month so far for the team already. Personally – a nice start online and the usual live misery continues 🙁

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Aditya Sushant

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